Feedback on ARLIS/NA Strategic Planning Goals


The Strategic Planning Committee wishes to thank the Chapters and those members that provided feedback to the Preliminary Goals. That initial response helped to shape the Goals and Objectives that are now circulating among the membership via the Website. We are now gathering feedback from the full membership, and we again need your input.

Please take a few minutes (and it only takes a few minutes) to complete the Survey (linked below). Should you want to provide more detailed information, please use the free-text windows provided. The issues resulting from this Survey will be further developed through Focus Groups that will begin in March. During the Annual Membership Meeting at the Conference, we will be available to discuss these and other issues that will lead to the vitalization and growth of our Society. Now is the time to help shape ARLIS/NA into a stronger organization that represents and supports you and your profession.

If you haven’t already, please link to the Survey and register your voice now:

Thank you and hope to see you at the Conference,

Pat Barnett, Chair
for the ARLIS/NA Committee on Strategic Planning

SP Committee members:
Jamie Lausch, Hannah Bennett, Jennifer Garland,
Eumie Imm-Stroukoff, Barbara Rachenbach and Eric Wolf
Executive Board Liaison to the Strategic Planning Committee: Jon Evans

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