Chapter meeting in Toronto

Have a creative theme idea for the ARLIS/NA 2014 conference in D.C.?
Our 2014 D.C. conference will be a big topic at our chapter meeting in Toronto. We would like to discuss and perhaps select a theme at that time. One theme that has been suggested is “Past is Prologue”. Please send your own suggestions to Roger Lawson, Conference Program Co-Chair, at

-Don’t forget to check with your cell phone carriers about international rates for voice/text/data service while in Canada so as not to incur unexpected charges.

-I have been asked to add our chapter meeting to the Sched application for Toronto. Because we are not using a conference-sanctioned meeting space, I am unable to do so. Please keep your personal schedules open for our meeting on Saturday, March 31, at 9:30 am, location TBA. The first half of our meeting will be standard chapter business, followed by a 2014 conference planning session.

-Finally, before attending our chapter meeting next Saturday, take a moment to review minutes from our Fall meeting.

Chapter Chair/ARLIS-DMV

UPDATE: Please gather for our chapter meeting at the ARLIS Hospitality/Check In desk at 9:30am on Saturday, March 31. We will move to a meeting location from there.

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