ARLIS/NA Research Awards

Do art librarians perform research? Of course they do! And the ARLIS/NA Research Awards encourage them.

Each year, the Research Awards Subcommittee recognizes the work of ARLIS/NA members with two types of research awards: one for future/proposed projects, and another (two, actually) for finished/completed projects.

If you have completed a publication (a book, a website, an article in Art Documentation or elsewhere, etc.) in the past two years, we’d love to hear about it and reward the best. If you have a research project in mind and need funds to complete it, we’d love to help with that, too!

Apply today. Applications are due on February 26, 2014. Guidelines and application forms are found at

If you have any questions, or need clarification about whether your project is eligible for an award, please contact the co-chairs of the Research Awards Subcommittee, Shalimar White ( and Karyn Hinkle (