Contractor Announcement: National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution

NPG Digital Media Archival Specialist

Scope Of Work

Statement of Work
Contractor shall provide professional, technical, non-personal digital media archiving services to the Department of Exhibit Technology of the National Portrait Gallery (NPG).

Project Description
The Contractor shall perform archival support services for processing, cataloguing and ingesting of digital image media. The media consists of high-resolution record photography.

Cataloguing and ingesting procedures for data entry into NPG’s Digital Assets Management System (DAMS), and the NPG collection’s database: “The Museum System” (TMS) have been established and will be used by the Contractor.
Contractor shall work in consultation with the Head Exhibit Technology to set priorities for approximately 40,000 digital media assets to be catalogued and ingested in the DAMS, as well as approximately 20,000 existing DAMS and TMS records to be enhanced. Items shall be prepared for internal use and external dissemination via NPG and SI search engines.

Contractor’s Specific Tasks

  • Per established procedures, Contractor shall quality check, catalogue, crop, and ingest mass digitization collection photography consisting of approximately 20,000 digital images.
  • Contractor shall enhance cataloguing and adjust image crops of approximately 20,000 existing derivative collection images in the DAMS according to current NPG procedures.
  • Contractor shall re-crop existing derivative collection images to create a second derivative image set in the DAMS, as well as catalogue and enhance the associate media records in TMS as needed.
  • Contractor shall work with NPG Photographer to crop, catalogue and ingest archival and derivative images of new collection photography in the DAMS and TMS.
  • Contractor shall coordinate ingest and cataloguing work with OCIO staff, particularly as it relates to establishing metadata bridges between DAMS and TMS for collection photography.
  • Contractor shall meet regularly with Head of Exhibit Technology for progress status updates.

Payment Schedule
Multiple payments may be made upon acceptance of work as required, and receipt of proper invoice reflecting the hours worked and referencing the purchase order number. Prior to each payment contractor shall provide COTR with a verbal or written status report, outlining the work accomplished.

Performance Period
The period of performance for this contract is June 1, 2019 through November 30, 2019. The contractor shall work approximately 40 hours per week, excluding office closures or federal holidays.

Performance Location and Standards
Contractor shall perform all work at NPG offices at 750 Ninth Street, NW, Washington, D.C. 20001 during normal business hours Monday through Friday, excluding Federal holidays and office closures due to inclement weather or
emergencies. Contractor may establish a flexible work schedule upon mutual agreement, based upon satisfactory performance of duties and other extenuating office setting circumstances, as determined appropriate by the COTR. Contractor shall meet NPG standards and procedures for Image data entry into the SI DAMS and TMS.

NPG-Furnished Items
NPG shall provide workspace and equipment, office supplies and procedural information for the Contractor to perform all services on site.

Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative (COTR)
Alexander Cooper, NPG Head of Exhibit Technology, will serve as COTR for this purchase contract.

Technical or Professional, Non-personal Services RFQ

This Request for Quote (RFQ) is issued by the National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution (SI), for technical professional, non-personal services to provide digital media archival services in accordance with the Statement of Work (SOW).


Price quotes may be submitted by electronic mail (email). Quotes are due by 5:00pm EST, on Friday May 17, 2019, at:

Smithsonian Institution
National Portrait Gallery
750 9th St. NW
Victor Building, Ste 4100
Washington DC, 20001
Attn: Alexander Cooper
Fax: 202.633.8269
Email to:

You are hereby informed that mail via U.S. Postal Service to Smithsonian organizations is received at a central sorting and distribution unit and isn’t date stamped received until actually received and opened at the street address listed above. It is advisable that quotes and documents included as part of quote packages be hand delivered or submitted via direct package delivery companies to the street address listed above.


See scope of work: “SOW_NPG_DMAS.pdf” [COPIED ABOVE]


The SI plans to award based on best value to the SI considering the following factors. The SI plans to award without discussions, however, does reserve the right to conduct discussions if later determined by the Contracting Officer to be necessary. All of the following factors are of equal importance. Evaluation factors are:

  • Relevant Experience/Past Performance
    • Relevant experience is that obtained within the past 3 years providing or performing services of similar size, scope, complexity and type of client that indicates your suitability for this project.
    • Past Performance should be indicated by a list of current or previous contracts with names of points of contact and their current telephone numbers who can answer specific questions on quality, workmanship and scheduling. Provide contract periods of performance dates, dollar value, and brief description of the work performed.
  • Qualifications/Technical Competence
    • Technical Information – Technical information should include a narrative discussion addressing the technical competence, the firm’s capabilities, qualifications, and approach to satisfy the requirements of the SOW.
  • Résumés of potential contractor assignees may be requested. (See Section VII for legislative and administrative requirements that may apply to successful bidders’ employees.)
  • Price – Please quote an hourly rate for the work described in the scope of work.


Prospective contractors are required to have General Liability Insurance for $1,000,000. The Smithsonian Institution must be listed as additional insured under this policy. Proof of insurance must be submitted with quotes. Contractors with questions about meeting insurance requirements should contact :

Alex Cooper, Head of Exhibit Technology
National Portrait Gallery
Phone: (202) 633-8255


A DUNS number is a unique nine digit identification number available for each physical location of your business and is needed to register in the System for Award Management (SAM), formerly the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) system (see Section VI of this RFQ). DUNS numbers are provided through Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) at no charge when you contact D&B via toll free telephone call to 1-866-705-5711, or on the internet at Non-U.S. (international) vendors may also contact D&B via email at Indicate that you are requesting a DUNS number to assist with eligibility for U.S. Government contracts. New DUNS numbers for U.S. vendors will be active and available for SAM registration within 1-2 business days of request; international vendors DUNS will be active and available normally within 2-5 days of request.


It is a requirement that current and prospective recipients of contract and purchase orders awarded by the SI must complete registration and maintain an active record in the System for Award Management (SAM). The SAM requires a one-time business registration, with annual updates, and allows vendors to control the accuracy of the business information they enter. The financial data you enter, which includes the electronic funds transfer (EFT) data collected by SAM, will assist the SI in paying your invoices and complying with the Federal Debt Collection Improvement Act of 1996. You may complete or update your information in SAM online at Questions regarding the process may be directed to the Federal Service Desk online at or via toll free call to 1-888-606-8220. There is no charge for registering in SAM. For vendors who were registered in CCR prior to July 30, 2012, this means:

  • All information in CCR was transferred to SAM and available for viewing and updating on July 30, 2012;
  • Vendors will not have to re-register in SAM if their CCR was active and valid on July 30, 2012, however,
  • They will have to set up a SAM user ID. Once this is done, the vendors will have access to all their information and may edit it as needed,
  • They may set up an ID when they are notified by the SAM that it is time to renew registration.
  • Vendors who attempted to access their information by going to the current CCR website on and after July 30, 2012, should have been automatically redirected to SAM.

For vendors who were not registered in CCR prior to July 30, 2012, this means:

  • Vendors will need to obtain a DUNs number (see Part V. above) in order to register in SAM.
  • Beginning on July 30, 2012, they must be directed to to complete registration in SAM.
  • The registration process via SAM has been changed for SAM, and is reported to be streamlined and much easier than the CCR process.

If yours is the acceptable price quote and you are selected for award, your organization’s valid and active registration with SAM must be verifiable by SI staff administering this procurement prior to contract or purchase order award, and at the time any modifications or amendments to awards might be required.


A. Service Contract Act of 1965, as amended

If services to be performed are covered by the Service Contract Act (SCA), as amended, the SCA shall apply to all work performed under the contract, purchase order, or GSA schedule task order to be issued. Individuals and companies submitting quotes are encouraged to verify the wages and fringe benefits determined by the U.S. Department of Labor to be payable for the Labor Category and in within the location that work performance will occur as cited in the Statement of Work. The SCA wages and fringe benefits payable shall be part of the order award.

Individuals and companies awarded a contract, purchase order or GSA schedule contract task order for SCA covered services are responsible, and required by law, to deliver to its employee(s) or post a notice of the required compensation in a prominent place at the worksite. The SCA provides authority to contracting agencies to withhold contract funds to reimburse underpaid employees, terminate the contract, hold the contractor liable for associated costs to the government, and debar from future government contracts for a period of three (3) years any persons or firms who have violated the SCA. The contracting officer awarding this order, or the Smithsonian Inspector General, may periodically require contractors to provide information that verifies compliance with the SCA for services provided under the awarded contracts, purchase orders or GSA schedule contract task orders.

B. E-Verify

If at award, or anytime during contract performance, the dollar amount of the contract award exceeds $150,000 or $5,000,000 under GSA Schedule, with a period of performance over 120 days, the successful bidder is required to register in the E-Verify System and verify that all individuals to be hired under the contract award are eligible for employment within the U.S. This requirement is not applicable to work that will be performed outside the U.S. or for Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) items. E-Verify is an Internet-based system operated by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). It allows employers to verify the employment eligibility of their employees, regardless of citizenship. For more information on e-verify and when, why and how to register and use the system please go to the USCIS site on the World Wide Web at:

Executive Order 13465 and Homeland Security Policy Directive 12 (HSPD-12)

C. Background Investigations

If a contractor employee assigned to the SI under this contract will have an association with SI that will be greater than thirty (30) days, determined either at time of contract award or anytime during contract performance, and will need access to staff-only areas of SI controlled facilities and leased spaces, the employee shall be required to receive an SI Credential. Contractor employees who require an SI Credential shall be required to undergo and pass an appropriate background investigation and complete security awareness training before an SI Credential is issued. Employees whose associations with the SI will be less than 30 days shall not receive a background investigation or SI Credential, however, they must be escorted by Credentialed personnel at all times when in staff-only areas of SI facilities. If relevant to this RFQ, a form OCon 520, Background Investigations and Credentials for Contractors’ Personnel, is included. The following actions shall be required to be completed by the SI Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative (COTR) and successful vendor:

  • The COTR shall provide an OF-306, Declaration for Federal Employment form, for each of the Contractor’s employees who will be assigned to the SI for 30 days or longer. The OF-306 forms must be completed by each person and returned by the Contractor to the COTR, or other designated SI employee, within ten (10) workdays from receipt of the forms by the
  • For contractors to SI organizations outside the Washington DC and New York City areas, forms SF-87, Fingerprint Cards, shall be provided to the Contractor by the COTR or other designated SI employee. Each form SF-87 must be returned to the COTR, or other designated SI employee, within ten (10) workdays from receipt of the forms by the Contractor When necessary, the forms SF-87 shall be submitted by the Contractor with the OF-306.

Homeland Security Policy Directive 12 (HSPD-12)


Quotes submitted must include the following information to be deemed responsive to this Request for Quote and accepted by the SI:

  • Project Title
  • Business name, address, telephone number, and DUNS number
  • Business point of contact name, telephone number and email address
  • Ensure that base year and option year pricing (if requested) is included.
  • Past Performance information should include the contract number, contact person with telephone number and other relevant information for at least 3 recent relevant contracts for the same or similar goods and/or services.
  • Certificates or other documentation confirming appropriate types and levels of insurance required are in effect, and other certificates and documentation requested.
  • If services are subject to the requirements of the Service Contract Act provide with your quote:
    • S. Department of Labor wage determination hourly rate payable within the location of work performance
    • Health and Welfare hourly rate payable within the location of work performance
    • IFF hourly rate payable within the location of work performance
    • G & A hourly rate payable (e.g., markup, overhead, etc.) within the location of work performance
    • Vacation hourly rate payable within the location of work performance
    • Holiday hourly rate payable within the location of work performance
  • If requested in the RFQ, provide résumés of personnel that may be assigned to perform work under the anticipated award.
  • When prices quoted are in accordance with the terms of a General Services Administration (GSA) schedule contract, provide the following information: your GSA contract number, SIN, goods and/or services pricing.
  • Indicate any discounts to your GSA schedule contract pricing that is being extended to the SI by your price quote(s).
  • Cite the date through which pricing submitted is valid.

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