Ask a Librarian Live: Art Edition

The Smithsonian’s five art libraries house, curate, and provide access to printed and digital resources on the arts of many time periods, many cultures, and in many languages. In these libraries, you’ll find information on contemporary global art, design and decorative art from the Renaissance to the present, American art, African art, and the art of Asia and the Middle East.

Maybe you are a painter, and you want to know the chemical composition of the blue color typically found in Persian miniature paintings. Or maybe you’re an educator looking for information on Edward Hopper’s 1942 painting “Nighthawks” or examples of the kissi pennies (coins of the soul) that were traded throughout Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea. Our librarians can help you find all these things and more.

Usually, you can reach these experts in many different ways, including by emailing, but on Tuesday, August 18 at 5pm ET, we’re giving you the special opportunity to “Ask a Librarian Live!” Librarians from some of our art branches — Anne Evenhaugen, Kathryn Phillips, and Jacqueline Protka — will share insight into how they and our libraries support research and education, especially during this pandemic, and will answer your questions.

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