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Report from the 2021 Caroline Backlund Travel Award Winner

Receiving the Caroline Backlund Award has been crucial to supporting my deeper involvement with ARLIS/NA, both in terms of my local chapter and the national organization. Most practically, it provided the funds I needed to register, worry free, for the previous conference. But that financial support went much further than paying the bills. With the support of this award, I was able to focus my energy on a presentation I gave with fellow Mid-Atlantic member Claralyn Burt: “Fostering Collaborative Institutional Cultures Through DEI Initiatives.” I also volunteered to co-facilitate the “Diversity & Inclusion Committee’s Diversity Forum: Accessibility in Art Libraries” alongside Carla-Mae Crookendale, another Mid-Atlantic member. I am extremely grateful for these opportunities to participate at the national level, listening and learning from colleagues in a more active and present way.

With the funds from the Backlund Award, I also had the ability to participate in extra workshops. I exercised my creative lesson planning skills with “Workshop III: Teaching in the Art Library: From Pedagogy to Praxis” and “Workshop IV: Building Character: Popular Tabletop RPGs and the Importance of Idea Development for Creative Students.” Both sessions introduced me to colleagues creating a community of practice around critical, creative, and responsive teaching techniques I look forward to practicing. I pushed beyond my technological comfort zone with “Workshop II: Wikidata for Art Librarians” and the related session “Linked Data for Art Libraries: New Approaches to Metadata.” Both the workshop and session shared a variety of linked data projects, going beyond theoretical discussions and instead showing real-world applications and challenges.

The Backlund Award is our professional community telling students and early-career professionals that they are on the right track; they are producing great work and contributing to the vibrance of our shared professional practice. Please consider donating today to the Caroline Backlund Award fund. Your contributions make participating in our professional community possible for our newest members and gives them the vote of confidence they need to confidently step forward and join in.

-K. Sarah Ostrach, 2020-21 Samuel H. Kress Fellowship in Art Librarianship at the Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library at Yale University

Chapter Announces 2021 Conference Award Winners

The Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Art Libraries Society of North America is pleased to announce its conference award winners for 2021.

Caroline Backlund Award

This award was established in 2002 and is named in honor of Carline Backlund (1920-2016) who had a distinguished career as an art librarian, educator, and author. Mrs. Backlund, a long-time chapter member, received the ARLIS/NA Distinguished Service Award in 1989 for her contributions to the Society. The Backlund Award is intended to help student members of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter become more involved in the ARLIS/NA at the national level. Funding for the award is provided by contributions of members of the chapter.

The 2021 Caroline Backlund Award recipient is K. Sarah Ostrach, currently the holder of the 2020/21 Samuel H. Kress Fellowship in Art Librarianship at the Robert B. Hass Family Arts Library at Yale University. K. Sarah is a 2021 graduate of the College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland. She is an alumnus of Brown University and received her MA in East Asian Art from Sotheby’s Institute of Art. While studying for her MLIS, K. Sarah worked as a student technician at the National Gallery of Art Library as well as a teaching assistant at UMD.

On May 13 at the Montreal conference, Ms. Ostrach will be co-presenting with Claralyn Burt (Gonzaga University) at Session 28: Professional Development IV — Collaborative Institutional Problem-Solving: Exploring DEI Initiatives and Five Case Studies Across Libraries and Museums. Their presentation is called “Fostering Collaborative Institutional Cultures through DEI Initiatives.”

Washington Art Library Resources Committee Award

The Washington Art Library Resources Committee (WALRC) comprised research libraries in the Greater Washington, DC area. In 1981, WALRC published Art serials: union list of art periodicals and serials in research libraries in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area (edited by Carolyn S. Larson) which proved to be a very useful and popular publication. In 2018 WALRC, which had been inactive for many years, disbanded and the funds from the sale of the publication was transferred to the Chapter. The WALRC Award is intended for professional members of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter to become more involved with ARLIS/NA at the national level. Funding for the award is provided by income from WALRC invested accounts.

The 2021 WALRC Award is presented to Mary Wassermann. A long-time member of ARLIS/NA and the Mid-Atlantic chapter, Mary is the former Collection Services Librarian at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. She has served ARLIS/NA as moderator of the Collection Development SIG and the Visual Resources Division, and as a member of the Public Policy Committee.

Congratulations to the award recipients. I would like to thank the members of the Travel Awards Committee for their work; Anna Boutin-Cooper (Franklin and Marshall College), Claralyn Burt (Gonzaga University), and Yuki Hibben (Virginia Commonwealth University) as well as officers of the chapter for their guidance in reimagining the travel award for a virtual conference.

Gregory P. J. Most
Chair, ARLIS/NA Mid-Atlantic Chapter Travel Awards Committee

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