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“Beneath the Covers: The Art of the Imperial Russian Book” Web Exhibition

I am pleased to announce the launch of the web exhibition: “Beneath the Covers: The Art of the Imperial Russian Book.” The majority of the books in this exhibition present a visual survey of publications that received official and elite sponsorship during the reigns of Peter the Great  (r. 1696–1725)  to Nicholas II (r. 1894-1917). Often printed for special occasions, these titles mirror the major cultural events and movements in tsarist Russia.

The exhibition presents examples of middle of the nineteenth century printing and illustration technologies—primarily chromolithography—which allowed for oversized, illustrated volumes and large print runs.

The viewer is invited to explore these works through eight categories, including secularization of Russian society, travel and exploration of Russia and its empire, architecture, antiquities, royalty, and the military. The exhibition features a chronological overview, bibliography, and information about the printing techniques used. The categories emerged from the common themes featured in the selections, which are drawn mainly from art libraries in Washington, D.C. and the surrounding region.

“Beneath the Covers: The Art of the Imperial Russian Book” was made possible by the American Association of Museums’ International Partnerships Among Museums (IPAM) and the Washington Art Library Resources Committee (WALRC) and is hosted by Hillwood Estate, Museum & Gardens.

Kristen Regina
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African Artists’ Books Roundtable

African Artists' Book RoundtableOn September 16, the National Museum of African Art held the African Artists’ Books Roundtable to commemorate the opening of the Smithsonian Libraries’ new exhibition, Artists’ Books and Africa. Six artists discussed how they developed and produced artists’ books, and the inspiration for and recurring themes within their creations. The history of artists’ books in Africa was also discussed. Curator Janet Stanley led a tour of the exhibition following the discussion.

Featured speakers included:
Atta Kwami and Mary Hark – Listen, Listen
Matt Cohen and Blake Nolan – Colored People
Toufik Berramdane – Nadime
Bessie Smith Moltun – Tunisia

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