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Call for Mentors: ARLIS DC-MD-VA Chapter Mentoring Program

This is a call for volunteers to be mentors in the newly established local chapter mentoring program.  Mentors are not limited to professionals with many years of experience, but rather to anyone who wants to contribute to the education and guidance of library students and budding professionals.  I urge you, when considering whether to participate in this program, to think of all of the mentors you have had during your lifetime, and how these relationships increased your skill set, capabilities, and confidence.  It takes a surprisingly small amount of time to make a large impact in a person’s life.  You and your mentee will design the program, including the amount of time and effort that you both want to commit to the relationship and how to best communicate.  The point is to match mentors and mentees with similar interests and let you learn from each other.  Remember that mentors often get just as much out of a mentoring relationship as their mentees!

If you are interested in being a mentor, please send the following information to Eden Orelove at

  1. Your title and agency where you work (if applicable)
  2. Contact information
  3. Major settings/areas/tasks of the art information profession you are interested in/knowledgeable about (i.e. museums, academic, reference, collection development, archives, etc.)
  4. Any other information you deem important (i.e. if there are specific qualities you are looking for in a mentee, if you can only meet via Skype, etc.)

I thank you in advance for your involvement.  I would prefer it if willing mentors would respond by August 15, 2013.  I will send out a call for mentees in the fall, around the beginning of the school year.  The success of this program is really up to the mentors.  Please don’t put off your involvement until next year…the time to act is now!

-Eden Orelove, ARLIS DC-MD-VA Chapter Mentoring Program Coordinator

Reflections of Toronto

Now that we’re in the heat of the summer, I find myself looking fondly on my experiences at the 2012’s ARLIS/NA Conference in Toronto. I was immeasurably pleased to be chosen as the Caroline Backlund Travel Award winner for this conference and am excited to share my experiences with those reading this blog post. At first I chastised myself for not writing immediately after the conference. However, as I look back on what transpired in Toronto, I realized how much the rest of my year has been influenced by this spectacular conference—a perspective I would not have had if I had written this in April.

The first day at the conference for me was all about having fun. Text messages trickled in as far-flung librarian friends arrived in Toronto. Before meeting up with some of them for dinner, I visited the Bata Shoe Museum with ARLIS-DMV officers Sarah Osborne Bender and Anne Simmons. Of particular interest to us was the architecture of the building and the exhibit on the Roaring 20s—those art deco shoes are just spectacular. Afterwards I traveled to the Windsor Arms for a fancy dinner with ARLIS/NA members from Texas, Indiana, and Florida. My, how ARLIS brings people together! The food was exquisite, but the company was even better.

Bright and early the following day I attended the mentoring program workshop. This is the second time I have attended this workshop, although my first acting as a mentor. We watched a DVD of mentoring expert Margaret Law who informs us about key aspects of the mentoring relationship. In between the DVD segments we had breakout sessions to perform different exercises to get us in the mentoring mood. I spoke to my mentee, Kai Alexis Smith from Pratt, before the conference but it was good to finally meet her in person that morning. I highly recommend joining the mentorship program as both mentor and mentee—there is always something new to learn. We even have a virtual mentoring program that is open for any ARLIS/NA member. Did I mention that I joined the Mentoring Subcommittee of the Professional Development Committee this year? Go mentoring! Continue reading

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