2015 Spring Meeting

Download the minutes here.

ARLIS/NA Mid-Atlantic Chapter Meeting
ARLIS/NA Annual Conference
Fort Worth, TX
March 21, 2015
6:00 pm

Meeting Minutes


Roger Lawson (Content Editor, NGA), Kathy Woodrell (LC), Vada Komistra (Secretary/Treasurer, NGA), Megan Halsband (LC), Yuki Hibben (VCU), Doug Litts (AA/PG Library), Heather Slania (NMWA), Tessa Brawley-Barker (Glenstone), Shira Loev Eller (GWU), Sarah Osborne Bender (AU), Gregg Most (NGA), Lee Viverette (VMFA), Kristen Regina (Hillwood), Lamia Doumato (NGA), Carla Mae Crookendale (VCU), Julia Wisniewski (LC), Anna Brooke (Hirshhorn)

  1. Introductions
    1. New officers
    2. Secretary/Treasurer: Vada Komistra (NGA), Vice Chair: Ray Barker (Glenstone), Chapter Mentoring Liaison: Shira Loev Eller (GWU)
      Kristen R. leaving to head PMA library

    3. Apologies from Chapter Chair Jacqueline
    4. Jacqueline could not be here due to a family emergency and sends her apologies.

    5. Congrats to travel award recipient Megan Halsband.
    6. Members’ involvement in conference
    7. Megan Halsband presented a poster; Tessa Brawley-Barker presented at a session; Shalimar Fojas White presented at a session; Sarah Osborne Bender led a workshop; Heather Slania led a workshop and was on a panel.

  2. Approval of Fall Meeting Minutes
  3. Fall meeting minutes were unavailable and will be approved at the next chapter meeting in summer 2015.

  4. Chapter donation to Annual Conference
  5. Our chapter successfully raised $1000 to support the 43rd Annual Conference in Fort Worth. Many thanks go to Gregg Most for hosting the fundraising event in his home. Two chapters did not make a donation this year, so our amount was really appreciated.

  6. Treasurer Report
    1. Unrestricted donations for 2015 are only currently at $45.
    2. The Travel Award was given to Megan Halsband.
    3. There are 3 new chapter members from Pennsylvania and 2 new members from Delaware.
    4. We have officially changed our name to ARLIS/NA Mid-Atlantic with the IRS.
  7. Web and Communications Report
    1. We will now stop forwarding messages to the former Delaware Valley chapter listserv.
    2. The web manager will look into replacing Bluehost with TEI for our website’s hosting server. TEI is supported by ARLIS/NA and there are no fees involved. The user interface for the website will still be WordPress.
  8. Request for donation to SEI
    1. We can make a donation (in the form of a travel award) to any local chapter members that want to attend the ARLIS/NA-VRAF Summer Educational Institute.
    2. There is funding available through ARLIS/NA for development opportunities at the chapter level. Possibilities include mentoring workshops or events; Megan Halsband and Anne Simmons suggested that we apply for funding to repeat Sarah Osborne Bender’s Digital Humanities workshop at the summer or fall chapter meeting.
  9. ARLIS/NA International Relations DC Study Tour, July 2015
    1. We are currently not aware of the travel itinerary for the group coming to DC in July 2015.
    2. All chapter members expressed interest in hosting visitors from the study tour.
  10. Location/activities/dates for next chapter meeting
    1. Philadelphia/Delaware area?
      1. Kristen Regina is leaving Hillwood to work at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. This move might make Philadelphia a possibility for the summer or fall 2015 chapter meeting and would be a way to reach out to the former Delaware Valley chapter members. The Barnes Foundation and the Brandywine River Museum of Art are also potential locations in Philadelphia.
      2. The Chrysler Museum of Art in Virginia Beach, possibly for summer 2015
      3. Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library in Delaware
      4. The VCU library in Richmond will be a good 2016 location. The library’s expansion project will be complete in 2016.
      5. Baltimore is also hosting an annual Zines & Multiples Fair in March, so this might be a location for future meetings.
    2. Coordinate with DC Study Tour?
      1. If the Chrysler Museum doesn’t work out for summer 2015, we can look at a DC location.
  11. Other business
    1. Chapter Mentoring Liaison will launch chapter mentoring program soon, look for an announcement on the chapter listserv
    2. The Library of Congress is still de-duping its collection and has around 2,000-3,000 volumes to donate. Local chapter libraries are encouraged to join the exchange and gift program. You must bring your own boxes (or suitcases); All N class and N subclasses are represented; A new bay is opened once a month with new books; Getting the books is an easy process and you get an immediate response after you apply to participate; There are computers available to check against your own holdings; Kathy Woodrell mentioned that she would love to see these materials go to local area libraries.

Chapter Meeting adjourned at 6:43 pm