2016 Spring Meeting

Download the minutes here.

ARLIS/NA + VRA 2016 Joint Conference, Seattle, WA
March 10, 2016, 5pm, The Westin Seattle


Ray Barker (Glenstone); Anne Evenhaugen (AA/PG); Amanda Leftwich (PMA); Heather Slania (NMWA); Sarah Osborne Bender (AU); Ryan McNally (PMA); Karina Wratschko (PMA); Rick Sieber (PMA); Yuki Hibben (VCU); Vada Komistra (NGA); Anne Simmons (NGA); Jacqueline Protka (NGA); Kimberly Lesley (UAAs, Philadelphia); Tiffany Saulter (U of Delaware); Kristen Regina (PMA); Shira Loev Eller (GWU); Anna Brooke (Hirshhorn); Gregory Most (NGA); Jill Luedke (Temple); Tessa Brawley-Barker (Glenstone)

  • Chapter Chair (Ray Barker)
    • First meeting as Chapter Chair; Welcome to Shira as new Vice Chair
    • Approval of Fall 2015 meeting minutes; approved pending spelling corrections
  • Heather Slania
    • WALRC task force to investigate merging with ARLIS Mid-Atlantic
  • Chapter Chair
    • Introductions
    • Report from the Chair:
      • Renew chapter membership for 2016
      • Next chapter meeting at Glenstone in May 2016
      • Caroline Backlund: remembrances of Backlund from Anna Brooke; Backlund’s oral history interview in ARLIS/NA archives at Indiana University; remembrances from Yuki Hibben; Sarah Osborne Bender thanked everyone for contributing to Backlund Travel Award
  • Treasurer/Secretary Report (Vada Komistra):
    • Format of Treasurer’s report has been changed
    • Membership is low
    • Jacqueline Protka thanked Vada for transitioning our financial accounts, which is not easy as a non-profit organization
  • Web Manager/Content Editor Report (Tessa Brawley-Barker):
    • Successfully migrated our website from our paid-subscription hosting service provided by BlueHost to the free hosting service provided by ARLIS/NA through TEI
      • We will no longer be paying a hosting service fee. Our old site will still be active (but no longer updated) until our subscription with BlueHost expires in September 2016
      • As part of the migration, ARLIS/NA required that we change our website’s domain name from arlisnamidatlantic.org to midatlantic.arlisna.org. The old site will redirect you to the new one, however, please update your browser bookmarks to the new URL
    • TEI offered another service to us in the creation of general chapter officer email accounts hosted by SmarterMail. This is a way for chapter officers to conduct chapter business through chapter email accounts instead of their personal email accounts. It also allows officers to transfer their accounts to new officers when they leave their position. The format of each of the new accounts is chair@midatlantic.arlisna.org; vicechair@midatlantic.arlisna.org; and so on.
    • The old chapter Gmail account has been updated from arlisdmv@gmail.com to arlisna.midatlantic@gmail.com and our shared chapter Google Docs have been transferred to that account. If you have any other Google Docs that you would like to share with the chapter officers, please share them with that account.
    • All of our other accounts have been transferred to the ARLIS/NA Mid-Atlantic Chapter name (PayPal, Facebook). Still working on transferring our Flickr account to the new chapter name.
    • The chapter Membership Directory has been updated for 2016 and the list is pretty sparse. You can easily renew your membership by going to our website’s Join and Renew page and following the instructions.
  • Kristen Regina: More remembrances of Caroline Backlund; She volunteered at textile museum, she’d run into her at galleries, very dedicated to ARLIS, obituary had donations to send to ARLIS; Travel Award in her name
  • Vice Chair (Shira Loev Eller): Need a volunteer for the vacant Mentoring Liaison position; responsibilities include putting out call for mentors and mentees with applications, pair people together and check-in to make sure relationships are on track. There is documentation on the mentoring program in GDrive account; 3 pairs of mentors now in 2nd cycle
    • Jacqueline Protka volunteered to be the Mentoring Liaison; Ryan McNally also volunteered; Jacqueline rescinded her offer as she has already served as a chapter officer
  • Chapter Chair
    • Student outreach updates: Chris Needham and Ray Barker wrote content to promote ARLIS/NA Mid-Atlantic to area students; Kimberly Lesley designed a flyer using the content; a revised version with updated officer names will go up on website soon; Kimberly Lesley asked about having access to the ARLIS/NA logo file to use in the revised flyer; Tiffany Saulter mentioned that Amanda Leftwich has a new position with ARLISnap and can be used as a resource for reaching out to students
  • Other business
    • Jacqueline Protka: our chapter is supposed to have a Diversity Committee liaison
    • Kristen Regina (outgoing ARLIS/NA President): New Core Values and Strategic Directions for the Society; there is also a project charter with which you will work with your liaison to start your own initiatives that require any funding outside of normal chapter business; all projects still have to tie into strategic plan which can be used as a guide; special funding deadlines are still the same; intention is to give a more defined process for projects and to be able to look at a glance to see what chapters are doing (for example, the New England Chapter did a webinar)
    • Heather Slania: two positions at NMWA, Director of the Library and Archives and Digital Asset Librarian
    • Anne Evenhaugen: the Hirshhorn Museum is losing Anna Brooke as its librarian; this is her last ARLIS/NA Mid-Atlantic meeting and ARLIS/NA Conference as Head of the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden library
    • Kristen Regina: position open at PMA, Digital Asset Librarian