2016 Summer Meeting

Download the minutes here.

ARLIS/NA Mid-Atlantic Chapter, Summer 2016 Meeting, Friday May 27, 2016, Glenstone


Ray Barker (Chair, Glenstone), Shira Loev Eller (Vice Chair, GWU), Jacqueline Protka (Past Chair, NGA), Tessa Brawley-Barker (Web Manager, Glenstone), Anna Simon (Georgetown), Cale McCammon (Glenstone), Carly Davis (Glenstone), Sarah Osborne Bender (NMWA), Chris Needham (CUA), Tiffany Saulter (U of Delaware), Anne Simmons (NGA), Lynora Williams (Textile Museum), Anna Brooke (Hirshhorn), Veronica Lathroum (MICA/UMD), Kathy Cowan (MICA), Emily Rafferty (BMA), Kamaria Hutcher (CUA/NGA), Heather Slania (MICA), Sally Sims Stokes (CUA), Kelly Swickard (MICA), Sian Evans (MICA), Yuki Hibben (VCU)

Business meeting:

  • Approval of Annual Meeting Minutes from Seattle, WA – approved with proposed changes
  • Report from the Chair – Ray Barker
    • Nothing to report
  • Treasurer’s Report – RB (Filling in for Vada)
    • Revised March 2016 report – number of memberships and renewals has improved (33 up from 9 members)
      • Question about the possibility to pay multiple years in advance
      • Peak membership has been around 40-60
    • Chapter received 3 donations for Caroline Backlund Fund
    • We should send a thank you card to those donors; there are ARLIS thank you cards
    • Lynora: donation was made to Textile Museum Library in the name of Caroline Backlund
  • Web and Communications report (Tessa Brawley-Barker)
    • Added new images to chapter website header
    • Updated Dropbox account so that it wouldn’t expire; it has photographs in it from ARLIS 2014 conference; Sarah Osborne Bender will make sure ARLIS has those photos, they are already on Flickr
    • Question about physical archives: They are supposed to pass from between treasurers and are currently at NGA
    • Attempted to change the name for the Flickr account to reflect new name, which has been difficult, in conversation with Yahoo customer service
    • Membership directory is current
    • Google Analytics
      • Important aspect is page rank for people searching for our chapter
    • Blog posts for the website are welcome
  • Chapter-Level Mentoring Report – Ryan McNally
    • No report
    • Shira will reach out to Ryan for a report for the next meeting
  • WALRC Task Force Update – Heather Slania, Officers
    • WALRC created a resource sharing publication for Washington area art libraries which gained a lot of money, the fund was maintained and given out to fund projects and publications; fund is making about 1% interest; there is about $32,000 currently in the fund
    • Summer 2015 meeting, it was proposed that WALRC and ARLIS could collaborate due to high member overlap; would WALRC be a branch of ARLIS Mid-Atlantic?
    • First step is that WALRC needs to find out legal status, do they have an IRS number, what is the process to dissolve IRS number and move the funds
    • WALRC website expired
    • If those questions are answered, if we want to bring them into ARLIS would we want to maintain the fund or spend it down?
    • There is no IRS information in the documentation that Heather has; Karen O’Connell at Georgetown may have documentation with more info.
    • Sally says that Carolone Backlund award has stayed at $500 for a long time; question of whether it could be increased due to inflation, rising cost of attending conference; does the Backlund award require the amount to stay at $500? Amount was increased on a one-time basis
      • Jacqueline says WALRC money would likely be used to fund publications and project rather than Backlund fund
    • Fund is not growing, no one is contributing, is the legal work necessary or should they just spend down the money and dissolve
      • Last year $43,000 was in the account
    • Call May 13 to figure out what to do about dissolution of WALRC and how to move forward
    • What to do with money – should we maintain it or drain it down through awards/scholarships
    • Next steps:
      • Jacqueline and Vada will go through the papers regarding the Backlund fund amount; add to line item report
  • Backlund fundraising and Annual Meeting donation coordinated w/ Fall meeting – Jacqueline Protka
    • Gregg Most suggests that fundraiser should be tied to the Fall meeting instead of scrambling in November/December
    • We upped our conference donation to $1000 since we hosted in 2014; we have held wine and cheese fundraisers with suggested donation of $30 per head, plus additional calls
    • Should we raise chapter dues, continue what we’ve been doing, do a raffle?
    • Heather says we should look into what other chapters are doing
    • One chapter did an Etsy shop that wasn’t very successful; we had a Café Press shop and we made around $100
    • Heather says executive committee is creating a chapter guide for fundraising for next year
    • Anna Simon suggests proceed sharing with a restaurant/bar event
    • Yuki suggests starting the meetings later and lasting into the evening, the hosting organization could host an event
    • Action items: Find out what other chapters are doing
  • Fall 2016 meeting location options
    • Criteria: something of interest to see and learn
    • Suggestions: Textile Museum (Lynora will look into availability)
  • Other business
    • None