2017 Fall Meeting

Download the minutes here.

ARLIS/NA Mid-Atlantic Chapter, Fall 2017 Meeting, Friday October 20, 2017, Philadelphia Free Library


Amanda McKnight , Carol Graney, Chris Needham, Coral Salomón, Elise Tanner, Emily Rafferty, Karen Lightner, Karina Wratschko, Kathy Coyle, Kathy Woodrell, Shira Loev Eller, Kim Lesley, Lynora Williams, Mary Louise Castaldi, Mary Wasserman, Nickolas Falk, Patty Guardiola, Sara MacDonald, Sarah Osborne Bender, Siân Evans, Miriam Cady, Kristen Regina, Alina Josan, Kelly Swickard

Business meeting:

  • Approval of Summer meeting minutes
  • Report from the Chair
    • Fundraising
      • $1,000 goal- $750 will go to national conference, $250 Backlund Award.
      • Donations are accepted through check, PayPal, or cash.
  • Report from the Treasurer
    • Student memberships are going up. $75 has been collected towards conference donation and $60 for the Backlund Award. Please see the report that has been distributed to members for further details.
    • Backlund Award
      • Chris Needham has been granted this year’s award.
      • He will be serving on the committee next year, and Yuki and Karen will be asked if they wish to continue serving.
  • Web and Communications Report
    • Membership on the website should be up to date
    • There was an email about our Dropbox going away because it hadn’t been used in a year. I reset the password to be the same as the one for our email. Looks like there are things from 2014 in there. These files may be conference related (Sarah Osborne Bender).
    • Listserv Moderator’s Report
      October 19, 2017
      Statistics for the period 6/1/2017-10/19/2017
      Subscribers: 133
      Posts approved: 25
      Subscriber list maintenance continues as invalid and obsolete addresses are removed. Subscribers with valid multiple subscriptions to different email systems are retained.
  • Chapter-Level Mentoring Report
    • No report
  • Other items
    • WALRC: Chapter has applied for grants from WALRC
      • There are funds to spend down. WALRC members will stay after business meeting for a vote.
      • After the ARLIS/NA Mid-Atlantic Chapter meeting, members of WALRC met and agreed to fund the two grant proposals presented by the ARLIS Chapter. WALRC will present two grants, each for $10,000 to fund professional development awards.
  • Winter meeting at ARLIS/NA Conference in New York
    • Meeting times have been predetermined for chapters.
  • Other business
    • National Gallery has requested to host the spring/summer meeting.
    • NDSR Report- residents started in July and will be with the Mid Atlantic Chapter.
      • Penn Fisher Fine Arts Library- web archiving project, doing the groundwork for a dynamic web archiving project. Inventory of digital art being produced at Penn. Art publications released on apps and digital platforms
      • PMA- working with the contemporary department to build the groundwork to preserve time based media art- video, sequential still images, etc.