2018 Fall Meeting

Download the minutes here.

ARLIS/NA Mid-Atlantic Chapter, Fall 2018 Meeting, Friday, November 16, 2018, Virginia Commonwealth University Cabell Library, Richmond, VA


Kim Lesley, Shira Eller, K. Sarah Ostrach, Carla-Mae Crookendale, Anna Tomlinson, Roger Lawson, Morgan Davis, Cristina Fontanez, Gay Acompanado, Heather Slania, Yuki Hibben, Sarah Osborne Bender, Anna Clarkson, Bettina Smith, Kristin Alexander, Margo Lentz-Meyer, Courtney Tkacz, Lynora Williams, Kristen Regina, Gregg Most, Kaitlyn Stover, Vada Komistra, Emily Rafferty

Business Meeting:

I. Call to order at 11:07am

II. Introductions

III. Approval of Summer 2018 minutes

A. Minutes approved

IV. 2019 Chapter Officer Openings

A. Vice-Chair, Treasurer;

i. So far, no applications/mentions of interest in officer positions. Will continue call for applicants.

V. Treasurer’s Report

A. Only $50 in contributions so far for Backlund development award

i. Possible to allocate some of the revenue from the Richmond Joint Conference towards travel awards for conference?

B. Student memberships high

C. Chapter dues a little lower than usual, but steady

VI. Website & Communications Report (Courtney Tkacz, Web Manager; Chris Needham, Content Editor; Roger Lawson, listserv moderator)

A. Chris encourages member content for website

B. Seven blog posts on site since last meeting

i. Analytics: 642 visitors over last 6 months

ii. Most popular pages are Upcoming Meetings and Membership Directory

C. Accessibility issues: for the most part, site is good, but WordPress theme has issues we can’t directly fix. Courtney has been adding alt tags and other accessibility features. Will work with Vada to develop accessible PDF membership form.

D. Roger: lots of junk mail coming into account in September/October, seems to be fixed. ARLIS-L list had issue in fall due to bot, which has been fixed.

VII. Gmail Account Management

A. Access – issues came up when we were trying to access Gmail account, triggered lockdown. Need to discuss who would/should have access to account

i. Account needed to process Paypal payments

ii. Suggested that only treasurer and web manager should have control of account

iii. Account is specifically the mailbox, not the drive account

iv. Could potentially set up mail forwarding. Mainly needed to verify payments through Paypal

v. Suggestion: also need clarity in who needs to be transferred off drive, and who is responsible for doing that

B. Ownership of folders/files

i. Suggest transferring ownership of previous documents to the Mid-Atlantic Gmail account so we don’t need to make changes after someone leaves a position

C. Chapter Officer Handbook

i. Some notes in that handbook that need to be reviewed and approved

ii. Call for past chairs to assist with update and finalization of handbook

VIII. Chapter Dues Collection Through ARLIS/NA

A. Proposal to bundle membership through Society registration – option to add chapter registration to larger society form

B. Would mean an increase in dues to $20 (from $15), as all chapters would have the same dues

C. Special options for students, retired members, etc. that could be coordinated. Friend membership had not been discussed – still an outstanding question for the Chapters Liaison

i. Special memberships would be handled by the chapter

D. Headquarters would disperse chapter dues on a quarterly basis

E. Question: would the chapters be charged for this service?

F. Question: why would it be on a quarterly basis and not immediately?

G. Question: Since the larger ARLIS/NA registration has an option for student and retired members?

H. Question: How would the timing work out when members might renew at certain points of the year? Would new member alerts also be sent quarterly or immediately?

I. ARLIS/NA wanting a decision from chapters by SLC conference

J. Suggestion for survey to get feedback from members before next meeting

K. Question: Backlund award/fundraising question (currently included on registration form)

L. Question: Why $20? — most common rate among chapters that had higher dues

M. Will this need to be agreed upon by all chapters to pass?

N. Questions can be sent to Kim Lesley in the meantime

IX. Annual Conference Donation

A. How much would we like to offer SLC for this event?

B. Discussion: we initially gave big at Pasadena, and have been giving at least $750 since, but we are also needing to do more fundraising for Backlund and travel awards

i. Keeping travel/Backlund at least to $750, maybe $1000 in consideration of extended cost

C. Discussion: possible reduction in contribution in order to allocate more to travel awards

i. Some reluctance because of likely cost of hosting SLC conference

ii. Suggest that we have additional fundraising, keeping conference contribution at $750 and raising more to support

iii. Suggestion — two fundraisers — one in DC, one in Philly?

a. Support for regional fundraising

D. Have announced Backlund at $750, but could update that

E. Motion to contribute $750 towards annual conference donation

i. Discussion: would Backlund award over $500 incur a tax

ii. Worthwhile having an ad hoc task force to strategize fundraising for the chapter? Relying on membership generosity right now

iii. Vote in favor, motion approved

X. Backlund & WALRC

A. Will now start calling it travel award

B. Deadline Dec. 7 – advertised at $750

C. Had hoped to make an award with WALRC funds — unclear if those funds have officially been transferred, but is still being resolved

i. Will not be making one this year, but hope to for next year (2020) in St. Louis

D. Will be slightly different committee structure next year – one from each of the four regional sections, two previous winners

XI. Spring/Summer Meeting Location

A. Winterthur? Suggestion for Delaware

XII. Updates & Other Business

A. No other business