2018 Winter Meeting

Download the minutes here.

ARLIS/NA Mid-Atlantic Chapter, Winter 2018 Meeting, Monday, February 26, 2018, Hilton Midtown, New York


Kim Lesley, Shira Eller, Roger Lawson, Jacqueline Protka, Heather Slania, Lee Viverette, Sarah Osborne Bender, Nick Curotto, Katie Monroe, Alex Reigle, Mary Louise Castaldi, Lynora Williams, Julia Wisniewski, Carla-Mae Crookendale, K. Sarah Ostrach, Gregory Most, Vada Komistra, Courtney Tkacz, Chris Needham, Sian Evans, Anne Evenhaugen, Anne Simmons, Kathy Woodrell, Mary Wassermann, Elise Tanner, Kathy Cowan

Business meeting:

  • Fall (October 2017) meeting minutes approved
  • Website & communications report
    • Courtney Taking over from Cale McCammon
    • Chapter name unified/standardized and links fixed across the website
    • Directory up-to-date as of meeting
    • Will be tracking web stats
    • Seeking images for banner
    • Listserv – 138 subscribers; less spam and junk mail coming through
  • Treasurer’s report:
    • Raised $745 in donations for Backlund Travel Award, but needed to supplement this with funds from savings
    • Membership numbers: check treasurer’s report for more details
      • Student memberships are increasing – started with 3, now have 8
        • More student members joining listserv; should we be reaching out/recruiting them?
    • Question: Is it possible to seek matching grants or funds for travel awards?
      • Yes, but should report these to ARLIS/NA and want to ensure we’re not soliciting nat’l-level organizations that society might reach out to for conference/society support
      • We have also held fundraisers in the past
  • Summer meeting at National Gallery of Art
    • June 8 or 15th – will send poll to membership
    • Program under development
  • Fall 2018: proposed joint meeting w/ Southeast chapter
    • Tentatively looking at Richmond, VA
      • Chapter leaders (Kim & Stephanie) working with Southeast Pres & VP (Patricia Gimenez and Breanne Crumpton)
    • Reach out to VMFA & VCU as potential site hosts
    • Possibility of internal awards to support travel (given greater distance and overnight stays)?
    • Looking at dates after October 8 – southeast usually meets mid-November, so will look for dates sometime in the intermediate weeks
  • Chapter archives
    • Delaware Valley chapter – documents now sent to ARLIS/NA archives at UIUC
    • Some paper records still in personal offices- will consolidate those and send to archives
    • Need to check with Ed Deegan about archiving the DV listserv?
  • Other business/updates:
    • Gregg Most: WARLC dissolving and incorporating into Mid-Atlantic
      • Adding as “standing committee” to ease paperwork/legal issues
    • Backlund Award: Chris Needham coming onto committee
    • NDSR art grant received at MICA
      • Digital archiving of art & design masters’ theses: resident asked to address what happens when text isn’t primary source of documentation when archiving these works
    • Moore College Library: closed for renovations