2019 Summer Meeting

Download the minutes here.

ARLIS/NA Mid-Atlantic Chapter, Summer 2019 Meeting, August 2, 2019, Winterthur Museum, Gardens, and Library, Winterthur, DE


In person: Stephanie Grimm, Jennifer Page, Kathy Woodrell, Lynora Williams, Heather Slania, Yuki Hibben, Shira Eller, Anna Boutin-Cooper, Kristen Regina, Anna Clarkson, Katherine Monroe, K. Sarah Ostrach, Karina Wratschko, Sally Stokes, Kelin Balridge. 

Online: Roger Lawson, Stefanie Hilles, Anne Evenhaugen, Gregg Most

Business Meeting:

  • Introductions
  • Chair Report and Approval of Spring 2019 meeting minutes (Salt Lake City): 
      1. Chair report: Will address individual items later in the agenda
      2. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BChDapPEGFyIeokMGs4ID-F971bLhzhYYNDOAY3GqiI/edit?usp=sharing 
      3. Minutes approved.
  • Officer Reports:
      1. Website and Communications Report 
        • Courtney Tkacz, Web Manager:  Since implementing analytics last June, I can now provide the first yearly report on the chapter’s website traffic and statistics. Over the past 12 months, the site has had 4,648 total page views from 1,930 sessions. The site has seen 1,404 users, almost exclusively from the United States. The top three pages continue to be the homepage (where all of the news gets posted), the upcoming meetings page, and the membership directory. The vast majority of users are still accessing the site on desktops.  Finally, peak usage was last fall between October and November 2018, in the lead up to the joint meeting with Southeast Chapter. 
        • Chris Needham, content editor: Please feel free to send any announcements or content you would like shared on the Mid-Atlantic Website. 
        • Roger Lawson, listserv manager: 132 subscribers. Spam problem was resolved. Cleaned up inactive/invalid email. Roger can assist with email changes.
      1. Treasurer’s Report (Anna Tomlinson): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WD20mqcNCzDLXymyGpM-pm0BvhelzIlt/view?usp=sharing 
      2. Question: why are funds in the PayPal account not transferred to the bank account?
        • Stephanie will follow up with Anna to clarify.
  • ARLIS/NA Society & Chapter Membership update
      1. All chapters voted to change membership pricing and to offer chapter & society membership through the main ARLIS/NA membership form. Stefanie Hilles (Chapters Liaison) will provide updates. Chapter dues will increase to $20. Starting in October, we will be able to start doing this. Report to come from board after Mid-Year Meeting. 
  • ARLIS/NA 2023 Conference Host Applications
      1. Call for hosts for 2023; application packages will be due mid-December (details forthcoming from the Executive Board), along with a list of candidates interested in the roles of Liaison Committee Chairs, Local Development Chair, and Program Chair. 
      2. It is believed that no chapter has put in a bid yet but it may be a Western venue. Texas/Mexico City may be putting in a bid. 
      3. We need to begin planning in 2020 if we want to do this. DC would assist if it’s in Philadelphia or Baltimore. Need an anchor institution to be able to take it on. 
      4. Needs to be a bigger discussion with all of the members. Discussion will continue online. 
  • Humanities Commons migration
      1. ARLIS/NA recently joined Humanities Commons, a platform that allows for sharing of open-access research and materials, but also includes options for groups to manage and publish content. This includes WordPress sites, and there may be an option to move chapter websites to the platform. Ahead of the migration team’s next meeting, our Chapter’s Liaison (Stefanie Hilles) is polling chapters to see if there is any interest in moving our chapter website to HC, or if we’re happy with the current setup and want to just stay as we are. (This is not an all-or-nothing vote; some chapters might choose to move.)  Can be done easily. We would lose our current web address if we migrate and would have to pay to keep it. 
      2. Details are not yet in place to implement. July 9th meeting was on content migration. Next call on Aug 5 on norms and policies. Will be talking about editorial workflow and copyright. CAA and MLA are both involved in it.
      3. This is an attractive option for those chapters that are not using WordPress. 
      4. Chapter will informally state that there is an interest but would like to see the options. 
  • WALRC and Backlund Award Updates (Gregg Most)
      1. Updates to Travel Award disbursement
        • Update the guidelines on committee structure and criteria. Now become solely a student award. WALRC will be for professionals and can be used for travel.
      2. Call for VA and MD representatives. Need Travel Awards Committee members, one from Maryland and one from Virginia. The appointments will be effective immediately. A call to the list will be done.
  • Fundraising Committee Updates
      1. Considering fundraising needs for 2020 and beyond; planning for next year’s cycle
      2. Currently need to raise btw $1800-$2500/year to cover the cost of Backlund award, conference donation, and chapter meeting costs.
        • (New dues structure means an additional $5/renewal will be coming in and will offset some of these costs)
        • Question: have Institutional memberships ever been done in the chapter? 
          1. This membership level would require a change in our by-laws, and would be a board issue. 
        • Selling items: 
          1. Calendars will only appeal to a small group of people. Totebags, mugs, etc with public domain images could appeal to a broader range of people.
        • Meeting revenue: chapter did make money at Richmond meeting due to generous institutional support, so this is an example of an effective fundraiser. Raised about $400 from the Richmond meeting. So perhaps consider another joint meeting. Stephanie to write a charge and share it with the group, and then vote during next meeting.
  • Next Meeting Location
      1. Call for chapter meeting host sites. 
        • Baltimore Public Library has re-opened from a renovation. Heather will investigate. Renovation would be an interest to everyone. 
        • George Mason – Stephanie will investigate. New library opened 3 years ago. Any rich cultural institutions that may not necessarily be art related. 
        • Other options:
          1. Dumbarton Oaks – doesn’t host outside groups, though
          2. Hillwood 
      2. Idea for next Joint Meeting (w/NY chapter in NJ?)
  • Mentorship Subcommittee Survey (Jennifer Page)
      1. Committee sending out surveys to chapter chairs about chapter mentorship needs. This will be added to the Fall meeting agenda.
  • Other business