2021 Spring Meeting

Download the minutes here.

ARLIS/NA Mid-Atlantic Chapter, Spring 2021 Meeting, May 6, 2021, Virtual Meeting

Business Meeting – 3:00-4:00 PM


  1. Welcome – Cathryn Copper, Chair
  2. Land Acknowledgment
    “[We would like to open the meeting by] gratefully acknowledging the Native Peoples on whose ancestral homelands we live and work, as well as the diverse and vibrant indigenous communities who make their home in the Mid-Atlantic region today.”

    1. Would like to encourage chapter leadership to “open” meetings with this language, and to add to chapter website. Submit feedback to Cathryn Copper (cathryn@vt.edu)
    2. Suggestions: Regional native peoples map (example of Baltimore region via Heather Slania) could be added to the website to represent the larger affiliations. Possibility of doing this based on who is hosting each meeting, so it is addressing some more of the specific historic or present conditions. Model from NY chapter: https://www.arlisny.org/news/10151946
  3. Approved minutes from the Chapter virtual fall business meeting, October 2020
    1. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MZv9ksaQn4aqZp8ZIBkiL9lx9Iglg39n/edit
  4. New 2021 Officers
    1. Vice-Chair/Chair Elect: Anne Evenhaugen, Smithsonian American Art and Portrait Gallery
    2. Secretary/Treasurer: Danielle Brogdon, Catholic University of America
  5. Reports and Updates
    1. Chapter Reports
      1. Webmaster’s Report — Nick Curotto on behalf of Courtney Tkacz
      2. Listserv Manager’s Report — Cathryn Copper on behalf of Roger Lawson
      3. Treasurer’s Report — Danielle Brogdon
        1. Question: Second year of local membership dues collected at the national level, is this lower than the previous model?
        2. Post-meeting follow up: Compared with previous years, current membership and dues is higher than previous, for the same time period.
    2. Updates from ARLIS/NA Executive Board — Stefanie Hilles, Chapter Liaison (outgoing)
      1. Stephanie Grimm (GMU) takes on the role post-conference
      2. New Association Management company, and new management system being implemented that will allow for better data reporting and metrics.
      3. New ARLIS Commons-keep an eye out for more
      4. ARLIS/NA 50th – if members have any materials (photos, newsletters, annual reports) related to their history or history of ARLIS, see email from listserv
      5. Anti-Racism Taskforce – 3 projects in process: student-led research in art librarianship, membership survey on perceptions of ARLIS, assessing affiliations that could support the membership’s A-R work. See 2021 Conference’s President’s Choice session!
  6. New Business
    1. ARLIS/NA Directory and Privacy Issues
      1. Notes from Courtney T – membership directory online since 2014, with option to opt-out to having contact info on public site. Bundled membership no longer allows members to opt out. 3 possible solutions, will send a poll in summer for members to weigh in:
        1. unpublish our directory
        2. keep directory (with a take-down request posted)
        3. talk to ARLIS/NA about a chapter-specific filter in their paywall-protected list. Main issue with this is that members can join our chapter only, without having to join the national committee (students, etc.)
        4. Suggested options: A) as members join for the first time, have it built in for the webmaster to reach out to confirm if they want to have info on the site, or not. B) clean up to only have name/institution, without any other contact info (lots of support for #3 and #4B)
    2. Fall Meeting Planning
      1. While many local universities are planning for in-person work in the fall, there may be many that won’t allow travel, conference attendance, etc. Perhaps a hybrid meeting, with Zoom and an in-person component–DC-based, Richmond & Phila-based happy hour, or outdoor event (NGA Sculpture Garden?)
    3. ARLIS/NA 2024 Conference Host Application
      1. Tabled until Fall meeting
    4. Presentation of the WALRC and Backlund Awardees — Gregg Most
      1. Were able to present 16 awards for the virtual conference, yet there were only 2 applicants in 2021.
      2. Congratulations to the 2021 winners: Backlund: K.Sarah Ostrach; WALRC: Mary Wasserman; In addition, the winners from 2020 returned their award when that conference was cancelled, and ARLIS MidAtlantic was able to award their registration costs for 2021 instead, so congrats again, Anna Boutin-Cooper and Claralyn Burt!
  7. Other Business/Announcements
    1. Fundraising Committee
      1. 2020 approval meant that the committee wasn’t able to “get off the ground”, but in the new normal, we hope the committee can find success. Call for members soon!
    2. Toast to the authors of new books in the field, featuring so many ARLIS/NA members!
      1. New Art Museum Libraries Book
      2. Knowledge Justice: Disrupting Library and Information Studies through Critical Race Theory (MIT Press, April 2021)
  8. Adjournment