Fall 2003 Meeting Minutes

November 7, 2003
National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, DC

The secretary will bring spring and fall meeting minutes to next meeting for chapter approval.

Members in attendance:

Kathleen Adrian
Anita Carrico
Marjorie Chenoweth
Patricia Kosco Cossard
Claudia Covert
Kathy Cowan
Atalanta Grant-Suttie
Louise Greene
Sheila Klos
Regina Koehler
Michael Kolakowski
Roger Lawson
Katie McGowan
Greg Most
Karen O’Connell
Emily Rafferty
Kristen Regina
Lucie Stylianopoulos
Linda Tobey
Linda Tompkins-Baldwin
Sharon Wasserman
Marilyn Wassmann
Kathy Woodrell

1. Recap of the 2003 Annual Conference held in Baltimore, M.D.
Overall, the chapter received good comments on the returned surveys. ARLIS/NA made money on the conference. The highlight was the hospitality desk. Attendance was over 500. The ARLIS Baltimore themed note cards were not financially successful. However there are still options to sell them in the Baltimore area. Cost for cards is now $4 for 8. [Treasurer note: cards are selling post conference. See 2003 financial report.]

2. Solicitation for ideas and locations for future meetings.
Lucie Stylianopoulas of UVA is interested in organizing a spring meeting in Virginia, possibly in Richmond, with help from library staff at VCU (Suzanne Freeman) and/or University of Richmond.
Kathy Cowan and Margie Chenoweth of Maryland Institute College of Art have offered to host a summer workshop meeting in Baltimore. The workshop idea proposed is a digital arts primer with speakers on the history of digital arts, digital artists and a library/preservation presentation.
Marilyn Wassman along with Julia Wisniewski, both of the Library of Congress, are tentative hosts for a fall meeting in Washington, D.C.

It was suggested by Lucie Stylianopoulas and agreed upon by the members present at the meeting that future meetings start at 10:30 or 11 AM to better accommodate members driving longer distances.

3. Nominations for Vice Chair/Chair Elect.
Linda Tompkins-Baldwin of the Baltimore Museum of Art nominated Lucie Stylianopoulas of UVA for the position of vice chair/chair elect. Lucie accepted the nomination. No other nominations were presented.

4. Volunteers for Newsletter Editor.
Kristen Regina of Hillwood Museum offered to edit the chapter Newsletter. Members discussed whether or not to make this position an elected one. It was decided that in the past the position was an elected one and that the Newsletter editor would be present on the Ballot. [Secretary note: After review of the chapter bylaws and archives it was determined that the Newsletter editor is a two year elected position. Through an email discussion, Kristen agreed to these terms and her name was placed on the 2004 ballot]. Roger Lawson of National Gallery of Art and Atalanta Grant-Suttie of University of Maryland offered to assist Kristen.

5. Website status.
The chapter website resides on the University of Maryland (UMD) server and has been static for a year, since web-editor Julia Wisniewski left for a new position at the Library of Congress. Julia is happy to help with the transition to a new web-editor. Heather Ball of Virginia Tech has volunteered to work on the site. Louise Green and Joan Stahl at UMD have volunteered as well. The chapter agreed that it would be best to keep the website residing at UMD. Marjorie will contact Heather (not present at the meeting) to see if she is still interested in editing the website and put her in touch with Louise and Joan of UMD.

6. Annual membership drive.
Secretary/Treasurer Regina Koehler reported that 2004 membership applications were mailed earlier that week. Regina would like to solicit ARLIS/NA members in the area who are not local chapter members for membership. Members supported this idea. Regina also asked about the printing of a membership directory and whether this should be an annual or bi-annual endeavor. Several suggestions were made including posting business contact information on the chapter website; publishing the directory as a PDF file and distributing electronically to the membership; providing a hard copy option for members who request it. Regina will review the options for a 2004 directory.

7. Financial report.
Secretary/Treasurer Regina Koehler gave an abbreviated financial report listing income of $105 in dues; $95 for Backlund Travel Fund; and $512.81 in Note card sales. Expenses included $29.60 in postage; $500 for the Backlund Travel Award; $759.54 for note card printing; and $40 for the Diversity Award winner’s national membership and conference registration. A full written financial report for 2003 will be sent to the membership at the end of December.

8. Other member concerns and topics of interest.
A. Members discussed the Diversity Award and its continuation. Lucie Stylianopoulas, a Diversity committee member stated that the award was national conference related and that there was hope that it would be an annual award given through the conference hosting chapter. Members asked that the committee continue to meet and find ways that the local chapter can continue to support diversity in art librarianship. Two suggestions were: support of student membership at the national and local level and request volunteers to speak with prospective art librarian students at the local universities.

B. No members of the Travel award committee were present at the meeting so no update on the next year’s application process was available.

C. Greg Most of the National Gallery of Art is also the Chair of Development for the 2004 National Conference. He asked the membership to continue their donation to the national conference to help fund the welcome party. In the past $250 was given. It was decided that the same amount would be donated this year.

9. Tours of current exhibitions of the host museum.
The meeting concluded with host and vice chair Sharon Wasserman giving members a tour of the library. Members were then invited to tour the other museum exhibits and given a list of restaurants in the area.

Minutes submitted by Regina Koehler Secretary / Treasurer on December 17, 2003