Fall 2005 Meeting Minutes

October 14, 2005
Library of Congress, Washington, D.C.

Lucie Stylianopoulos opened the meeting and thanked the organizers.

1. Welcome to New Members and Visitors

Several new people introduced themselves, including Tang Li, Kimberly Peach and Timothy Hackman. The group encouraged them to join ARLIS DC/MD/VA.

2. Baltimore Minutes
Emily Rafferty read the minutes from the meeting held in Baltimore, and the minutes were approved.

3. Treasurer’s Report
In the absence of Treasurer Barrie Howard, Lucie reported that as of the September 12 statement, we have $4,772. in the ARLIS DMV account. We discussed the $100. contribution to the Visionary Art Museum. We do not yet know the amount of our donation toward a reception in Banff, but know that will be an upcoming expense.

4. Venues for 2006 meetings
Richmond Virginia Museum Fine Arts (July)
Annapolis – Joint meeting w/ VRA Mid Atlantic (October)

These two venues were discussed for the 2006 meetings. We will have a meeting of the local chapter in Banff, and will hold successive meetings in July and October. We had previously discussed holding a meeting at the new Smithsonian national Museum of the American Indian. Lucie has had conversations with Roger Lawson about this. Due to logistical problems, it would be better to wait until 2007 to visit this venue. Sally Stokes pointed out that because there is only a resource center at the new museum, we should also visit the library, operated by the Smithsonian, in Suitland, Maryland. This would probably take two days or parts of two days. Sally Stokes plans to work with Roger Lawson and Stephanie Moye toward this for 2007. The group agreed this would be a good summer meeting.

Other venues: we plan to visit the Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond next summer. Roger Lawson has been in contact with Suzanne Freeman, head of the Library, who would welcome the group. Since VRA recently held a meeting at the museum, this will be an ARLIS DMV meeting, and not the meeting held jointly with VRA.

For the Fall, 2006, Annapolis has been the suggested site of the joint meeting with VRA. Emily Rafferty reported that possible venues include St. John’s Art Gallery and Library, and the Naval Observatory Library. The Maryland State Archives were also proposed as a possible site. It was also suggested that we be careful to avoid the October Boat Show weekends held in Annapolis. Emily will work on this event with Macie Hall, the incoming Chair of VRA.

The membership voted to accept these two venues for 2006.

5. Report from Southern Representative (Heather)

Heather Ball encouraged all of us to let her know of any issues that we would like carried forward to the ARLIS/NA Board. Heather reported that the 2006 budget had been passed by the Board, as has the Strategic Plan. They have been working on goals for the organization, which includes some committee restructuring.

ARLIS/NA will soon begin online voting, but Heather clarified that anyone who wants to use a paper ballot will still be able to do so.

Heather also reported on our affiliation with the Society for Architectural Historians.

ARLIS/NA is working to set up a one-year mentoring program, based on the conference-long mentoring program that has been used successfully for several years. The mentoring program will be set up between members of the Society.

6. Travel Award Committees (Lucie)

In 2005 Lucie Stylianopoulos received the Caroline Backlund award, which was in the amount of $500. and Isabella Marques de Castilla received the student award in the amount of $400. It was decided that the application process for these would be opened in December.

Due to the increased costs of the conference to be held in Banff, it was proposed that the travel amounts be $750 each. This will be put to a vote on the listserv.

The Student award was originally designated to support Student Diversity. Lucie asked the membership if they thought that the award should be a general award, rather than one awarded exclusively to minorities. Isabella agreed that the award should be available to a wider audience; this will be put to a vote on the listserv. Karen O’Connell suggested that the awards be left open longer, perhaps into February, although it is important to have the decision made by the time that early-bird conference registration closes. Since the conference in Banff is later than usual next year, we may be able to leave the application process open a little longer.

Members of the Backlund committee will be:
Louise Greene
Sally Stokes (Chair) and
Lucie Stylianopoulous

Members of the Student award committee will be:
Isabella Marques de Castilla
Julia Wisniewski
Marilyn Wassman
(Please note that the membership of this committee may change, due to the fact that all 3 members are from one institution, and that continuity may be beneficial to this group.)

7. Nomination of 2006 officers (Lucie)

Chair-Elect: Two people have been suggested Kristen Regina and Kathy Woodrell.
Newsletter Editor: No names were suggested from the floor. Great appreciation was expressed for Roger Lawson, who will continue in this role.
Votes will be conducted online.

8. Introduction of new Chair

Emily Rafferty was introduced as the incoming Chair of ARLIS DC/MD/VA.

9. New Business
Joan Stahl suggested that additional content is needed on the ARLIS DC/MD/VA website. She suggested adding any resources on our region, and is open to other ideas. Joan believes with additional content the site would be better utilized.