Fall 2007 Meeting Minutes

Business Meeting Minutes of the ARLIS/NA Regional Chapter for DC-MD-VA
Friday, November 16, 2007
Phillips Collection Library, Washington D.C.


1. Approval of the July minutes
2. Chapter Bylaws revision
3. Treasurer’s Report
4. 2008 Membership
5. Chapter Website vs. Blog: How can they co-exist?
* a. Memberclicks
6. Student Outreach Committee: Kristen Regina, Anne Simmons, Sarah Falls
7. Report from 2007 Buckland Award winner Anne Simmons
8. Notes from Elizabeth Schaub, South Regional Representative Report
9. Call for nominations for 2008

11:15-12:15 – Tour of Library and information about the Phillips Collection’s new Library Automation System with Karen Schneider and Sarah Osborn Bender

12:30-1:30 – Lunch at Dupont Circle; “Thaiphoon,” located at 2011 S Street, NW

1:30-2:00 – Travel via Metro from the Dupont Circle Metro (on the red line) to the Gallery Place/Chinatown stop (also on the red line). Follow signs to “gallery.” Meet at Smithsonian American Art Museum, 8th and G Streets, NW, Washington D.C.

2:00-3:30 – Lunder Conservation Center with Julie Heath and Luce Foundation Center with Georgina Bath

July Meeting Minutes

Kathy Woodrell, chair, reported that she, Roger Lawson, and Kristen Regina met and revised the bylaws in accordance with the ARLIS/NA signing agreement. She submitted the July meeting minutes. They were approved without comment.
2. Chapter Bylaws Revision

Chapter Bylaws revisions were discussed and a handout was distributed with the changes noted. The changes to the bylaws were agreed upon, but a quorum was not present so voting will occur online.
3. Treasure’s Report

Yuki Hibben gave the Treasurer’s report with a handout. We have a healthy budget in all areas except the Student Award fund. This fund is repeatedly replenished from the general budget. She asked that people make a donation to this fund.
4. Membership

Membership is down. Kathy Woodrell suggested we do a paper mailing to remind and invite former members back to ARLIS. This would also be a good opportunity to show former members who might have been turned-off by the requirement to join ARLIS/NA that we have an Affiliate level which is affordable and does not require ARLIS/NA membership.
5. Chapter Website vs. Blog

Joan Stahl, chapter website and list-serv manager, asked if we could begin putting the minutes on the website and how much traffic the blog was getting. She noted there was quite a bit of overlap between the website, blog, newsletter, and list-serv and wondered if we needed all of them. Also, as one of her graduate students runs the list-serv, how can they keep the list-serv inline with the membership? Discussion ensued. Outcomes:
* a. There was no consensus.
* b. There was a strong leaning toward moving the Blog and the website to one location, allowing multiple modes of communication for various users, yet simplifying everything.
* c. We will wait to see what ARLIS/NA will offer us through MemberClicks as a hosting option before making any decisions. If we like what ARLIS/NA has to offer, we could move our content to www.arlisna.org.
* d. If we decide not to move to ARLIS/NA, we could stay at UMD or follow the NYC model of paying a hosting service such as Yahoo where we could consolidate the various e-communication tools.
* e. For the list-serv, the consensus was to match that of ARLIS/NA and leave the list-serv open to the public.
* f. We will revisit the issue at the next meeting.
6. Student Outreach Committee

Kristen Regina, chair of the Student Outreach Committee, reported (other committee members Anne Simmons and Sarah Falls were not present) that the committee met and decided it will send panels of 2-3 volunteers to make presentations about ARLIS to local library, art history, and non-library programs. People had suggestions for a few places to try to go to including AAM, CAA, and SAA regional group meetings. All were interested and glad it’s happening.
7. 2007 Buckland Award Winner

No report from the 2007 Backlund Award winner Anne Simmons who was not present.
8. Elizabeth Schaub’s South Regional Representative Report

Kathy Woodrell presented Elizabeth Schaub’s written South Regional Representative report and asked for a call for nominations for a new Vice-Chair.
9. New Business

Yuki Hibben noted that we somehow missed the opportunity to give a $250 donation for the Atlanta conference. She wanted to know if we should do this for the 2008 Denver conference welcome party? It was agreed we will.

Yuki Hibben again asked for more money to be given to the Student Awards fund. The Caroline Backlund award is healthy. Kathy Woodrell suggested that we try having bake sales or other such fundraisers to try to raise money in general.

Joan Stahl asked anyone interested in doing reviews for Art Documentation to let her know for her files as she is the editor of the review section. She also asked for advice about the “new technologies” session she was moderating, and about virtual poster sessions.
10. Adjournment

Adjournment 11:15 for a tour of the new Phillips Collection library by Chief Librarian Karen Schneider.

Respectfully submitted
Kristen Regina