Fall 2008 Officers’ Meeting

September 26, 2008

In preparation for the upcoming Chapter meeting, the following items were discussed:

  1. Change in officers will occur soon, therefore need to announce a call for nominations at the October meeting. Yuki reiterated the fantastic networking opportunities she has had while serving as Secretary/Treasurer.
  2. Status of the chapter’s website and technology issues: KR is meeting with Roger Lawson on October 7 to discuss his and Rebecca Cooper’s progress.
    • There is a vacancy at the University of MD and a hiring freeze there, status of website and list-serv?
  3. Student “Shadowing Program” in lieu of the Student Travel Award.  Because the STA is always in the red the officers propose to create a “Shadowing Program” which will provide the student direct access to more experienced librarians in the DC-MD-VA area. Please see formal proposal.  DETAILS:
    • Students apply to be selected to participate in the program just as previously done with the STA.
    • The winner receives10 days of shadowing a librarian in the DC, MD, and VA areas, spread out over the course of a school year (basically one a month).
    • Offers students local networking and mentoring to a variety of art librarian positions in DC, MD, and VA (university; museum; public; government; etc.)
    • Experienced librarians will get to know the students and our future colleagues better, and everyone will have more one-on-one contact with one another than at just the 2-3 chapter meetings each year.
    • Lower the award amount to $250 (or whatever turns out to be necessary). Money pays for the student’s local travel and expenses for each day of shadowing and the cost of the librarian to take the student to lunch.
  4. October 24 NGA meeting. The National Gallery is covering the cost of our breakfast and the labor cost for the catered lunch. That still makes the lunch cost $18.00. Do we want to supplement this for students? We agreed to supplement student lunches by $9.00.
  5. The Student Outreach Committee has created a beautiful new brochure and distributed it to the local library schools. They will present their work at the fall meeting.
  6. We will ask for a call for topics membership would like to see at future chapter meetings.
  7. We discussed investing the chapter’s money so that we will be receiving a return on our money. Yuki reported that we do not have enough funds to cover the costs of business checking accounts, and it is not feasible to use a savings or deposit account as we are making withdrawals which frequently can also incur fees. Based on her findings and today’s economic climate it was agreed that we would not pursue this route at this time.
  8. We would like to have an article interviewing as many former Backlund award winners as possible in the spring newsletter.

Respectfully submitted
Kristin Regina, Chair