Fall 2009 Meeting Minutes

Friday, November 13, 2009
Mount Vernon Estate & Gardens, Mount Vernon, VA

1. Introductions

2. Approval of the July 17, 2009 Meeting Minutes
Karen O’Connell will send an e-mail with the meeting minutes attached.

3. Treasurer’s Report
Yuki Hibben distributed the Treasurer’s Report and Membership Report on behalf of Kimberly Detterbeck, who was not able to attend. She also distributed the 2010 membership form and encouraged members to renew membership and contribute to the chapter award fund.

4. Communications Update
Roger Lawson reported that he has been working closely with Kimberly Detterbeck to transfer our Web site from the University of Maryland to its new host, Technical Enterprises, Inc. (TEI). The chapter Web site has a new url: http://dcmdva.arlisna.org/. Roger and Kimberly are also working on transferring the chapter listserv to TEI. This should take effect very soon. Kimberly and Roger are working with the Web site and listserv administrators at the University of Maryland to set up redirects for the next six months.
Kimberly Detterbeck and Rebecca Cooper suggested that with the change to TEI, the chapter also consider a Web redesign or a new format that would incorporate our current Web content with Sketches, RSS feeds, and a mechanism for member contributions. They recommended ARLIS/NA Texas-Mexico Chapter’s site as an effective example. Roger suggested exploring free or low-cost CMS software such as WordPress and Drupal. Several members requested that the new membership directory be accessible to members only for privacy and security reasons.
Karen O’Connell asked attending members for their thoughts on adding the role of Webmaster to the responsibilities of a chapter officer, possibly to that of the Vice-Chair or Secretary/Treasurer. Karen noted that another option would be to create an entirely new officer’s position, that of Webmaster. This Webmaster could be elected or appointed but the bylaws will have to be amended. Kathy Cowan and Yuki Hibben commented that the Secretary/Treasurer’s position already involves a fair amount of work and it would not be good to add more responsibilities to this role. The members agreed that a new officer’s position should be created. Roger Lawson added that it would be good to have someone in this role that has expertise in Web design. He said that it would be ideal for the Webmaster to be appointed to this role. The attending members expressed agreement. Karen O’Connell will post this to the listserv before moving to amend the bylaws. The officers will draw up a draft outlining the responsibilities of the Webaster.

5. Chapter Facebook Page
Yuki Hibben suggested that the chapter start a Facebook account to facilitate chapter communications. ARLIS/NA has a Facebook account and several chapters have recently opened accounts. The attending members were divided in their opinions regarding Facebook. Several members were concerned about privacy and security. A mention was made that privacy settings can be set to limit access to your account. Some chapter members use Facebook often but others did not use it at all. Yuki will check to see which chapters are using Facebook and will report back to the membership.

6. Call for Nominations for Vice-Chair / Chair-Elect
Gregg Most and Anne Simmons volunteered to run for Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect. Gregg Most then rescinded his nomination, stating that he would prefer to give the newer professionals the opportunity to serve as officers. The ballot will be sent out in December over the listserv.

7. Chair’s Report
Karen O’Connell addressed several matters in her report. First, members were asked whether they would like to donate funds for the ARLIS/NA Welcome Party. The attending members agreed that the amount of $250 should be donated to this event. Karen also asked whether the chapter would like to hold an official meeting during the ARLIS/NA Annual Conference or another social event. The officers have had difficulties in recent years scheduling a meeting but could try again this year. The attending members agreed that they would like to try to hold an official chapter meeting during the conference.
Next, the Chair addressed the creation of the Mentorship Program Task Force. Karen is willing to participate next year when her term as Chair has lapsed. A call for volunteers will be sent over the listserv to form the remaining members of the task force. This task force will determine the best structure for the proposed mentorship program.
The Chair’s last agenda item was a call for meeting topics and venues for 2010. The Chrysler Museum, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, and the Corcoran Museum of Art have been suggested. Karen would like members to consider Maryland and Virginia venues. The Washington County Museum of Fine Arts in Hagerstown was suggested as a venue in Maryland. The Library of Congress’ Packard Campus for Audio-Visual Conservation was suggested as a venue in Virginia. The officers will research these venues and will continue to welcome additional suggestions.

8. Adjournment
The meeting was adjourned at 12:00 p.m.
Respectfully submitted

Yuki Hibben