Fall 2010 Meeting Minutes

Friday, November 5, 2010
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

1. Approval of the meeting minutes. Minutes from July 9, 2010 are posted online, submit any changes to Anne Simmons.

2. Report from the Chair
The Bylaws Amendment outlining the Web Manager and Newsletter positions was approved by ARLIS/NA. A ballot for final approval will be sent via the listserv to the ARLIS/DMV membership in conjunction with the officer election ballot.

The ARLIS/NA Strategic Planning Committee is gathering input for the upcoming 2011-2014 strategic plan. Yuki will solicit suggestions via the local listserv and will pass them along to Vanessa Kam.

ARLIS/NA Annual Conference Welcome Party Contribution the membership approved a contribution of $250 to the 2011 welcome party.

3. Treasurer’s Report
Kim Detterbeck handed out the 2011 membership forms. She is in the final stages of composing a chapter assessment survey and will send it to both the ARLIS/DMV and ARLIS/NA listservs. The survey seeks to gauge member satisfaction and understand why local art librarians do not join the chapter.

4. Report from Student Outreach Committee
Anne Simmons and Kimberly Detterbeck reported on the activities of the Student Outreach Committee. Since the dissolution of the student travel award, there has been much discussion about how to serve the needs of students in the. There was discussion about establishing an individual funding award for travel to either national or chapter meetings. Events such as student happy hours and library school visits were suggested. Emily Hunter mentioned that some students at University of Maryland are interested in starting an arts librarianship group with which the chapter could liaison.

5. Web and Communications Update
Emily Hunter and Roger Lawson received a round of applause on the newly redesigned website. They provided an update on the listserv which is still hosted at University of Maryland. L-Soft, the software used for the national listserv, is available from ARLIS/NA. It is not yet known if the program will be free or if our local chapter will have to pay for licensing.

6. Upcoming elections call for nominations
Kim Detterbeck volunteered for Vice Chair and Megan Halsband volunteered for Secretary Treasurer.

7. Meeting Plans and Programming for 2011
Some suggestions for meeting in the upcoming year included:

  • The Packard Campus of the Library of Congress, Culpeper, VA
  • Tour of the visual arts resources at the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. [possibly in conjunction with the local SAA chapter]
  • Johns Hopkins University Library, Baltimore, MD
  • Evergreen Museum and Library, Baltimore, MD
  • Contemporary Arts Center of Virginia, Virginia Beach, VA
  • Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk, VA
  • Washington County Museum of Fine Arts, Norfolk, VA
  • American Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore, MD

8. Additional Chapter Business, Discussion, and Announcements
Kristen Regina advertized a funding opportunity from the Washington Art Library Resources Committee (WALRC) for a project or publication relating to the art historical and architectural collections of Washington D.C. More information is available at http://walrc.net/flyer.html.

Kristen also spoke about the activities of the International Relations Committee of ARLIS/NA, whose next tour will be in August 2011 to Mexico City.

Sarah Osborne Bender solicited any advice about institutional blogging, as she will soon be contributing to the Phillips Collection’s blog.

Respectfully submitted, Anne Simmons, Vice Chair