Winter 2008 Officers’ Meeting Minutes

Monday, January 28, 2008
Conference Call

Conference call commenced at 11:00: Kristen Regina called Karen O’Connell, Kathy Woodrell, and Yuki Hibben.

We discussed expanding the current criteria for the Student award.
Currently the award is limited to students matriculated in Catholic University and the University of MD’s library school programs. Many online programs exist now and we discussed if we shouldn’t expand the scope of the award to include such programs for people living in the MD-DC-VA area. We also discussed opening the award not necessarily to library school students, but perhaps applicants that demonstrate a strong interest in art librarianship or are about to enroll in a library program, making it that much more useful as a recruiting tool as well.

We agreed that we should expand the award, ask the membership to discuss it, and will ask for a vote on this for the 2009 award.

We discussed combining the Backlund and Student award committees for streamlined communication, selection, and promotion of both of these awards.

We realized we needed to amend the Chapter Bylaws to specify the structures of committees. We would like the membership to decide how many members should a committee have. We propose to the membership that it be specified in the Bylaws that the award winner must serve the following year as part of their responsibilities.

We agreed that we should combine the committees, and amend the bylaws in regard to committee structure. We will ask the membership to discuss these issues and vote on this for the 2009 awards.

We agreed that we should combine the committees, and amend the bylaws in regard to committee structure. We will ask the membership to discuss these issues and vote on this for the 2009 awards.

  1. Produce a brochure that discusses careers in art information and how our chapter can help newcomers on their way to these careers.
  2. Establish a list of volunteers who would be willing to make site visits to discuss the profession and our chapter in person at various schools in the DC/MD/VA region. These visits will include visits to targeted classes as well as booths at program orientation sessions/career nights.
  3. Produce a presentation using YouTube or similar video that would allow us to have a “virtual” presence. This format would also allow us to show the inside of art libraries/archives/etc. and feature interesting professionals in our chapter with great ARLIS stories. Eventually, this might be a format that could be adopted by National and expanded.

Kristen is on the ARLIS/NA Memberclicks committee. She reported that it is moving along and they have already had 3 stimulating rounds of email discussion.

Web updates:

  1. Need to update membership form on website.
  2. How do we update the web directory vs. those who have paid dues; will send an email to members to make sure their info is correct and their name still properly included on the list.

Chapter communications discussion to try to determine what the chapter wants to happen with our blog; newsletter; list-serv; and website.

We realized we need to stay with UMD until ARLIS/NA shows chapters what they can/cannot do for support. [In a subsequent email conversation between Kristen Regina and Roger Lawson, he will do a chapter survey, hopefully in time for Denver, to address what the chapter wants to do in the meantime.] 2007 annual report (KW will do)

Chapter meeting in Denver at the National conference was discussed and it was agreed we would meet for a toast to our award winners and new members during the Silent Auction/HH for lack of a better time in the schedule.

Yuki Hibben will send the DC-MD-VA chapter donation for the Denver Welcome Party as discussed at the last chapter meeting.

2008 tours/meeting locations were discussed. Goal to try to organize a tour in DC, MD, and VA. Suggestions:

  1. National Museum of the American Indian Suitland tour (KR will contact them)
  2. Joint fall VRA meeting (KR will contact VRA)
  3. Chrysler Museum
  4. Richmond VMFA
  5. Corcoran
  6. Architecture theme
  7. MICA
  8. Baltimore Museum of Art

Conference call ended at 12:00pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Kristen Regina