Spring 2006 Meeting Minutes

April 7, 2006
Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C.

Members in attendance:
Kathleen Adrian
Isabella Marques Castilla
Rebecca Cooper
Yuki Dixon
Marianne Laino
Katie McGowan
Gregory Most
Stephanie Moye
Emily Rafferty
Sally Stokes
Sharon Wasserman
Julia Wisniewski
Kathy Woodrell


  1. Minutes
  2. Minutes from the last meeting were read and approved.

  3. Donation to the Banff Conference
  4. The chapter decided that $250 will be donated to the Welcome Party at the Banff Conference. Yuki Dixon will send the check to ARLIS/NA.

  5. Board Meetings and Membership Meeting in Banff
  6. Kathy Woodrell will coordinate an informal get-together for chapter members attending the ARLIS/NA Annual Conference in lieu of the customary chapter meeting. This is due to the fact that very few ARLIS DC-MD-VA members will be attending the national conference in Banff.

  7. Announcement of Award Winners
  8. Kathy Woodrell is the recipient of the Caroline Backlund Award for 2006. During the ARLIS/NA Annual Conference, Kathy will serve as the moderator for two programs: The Canadian Pacific Railway, National Parks, and the Great Lodges of the Rockies and Art in the Wilderness: The Group of Seven, Photography Mary Schaffer and the British Literati in the Canadian Rockies. She will also deliver a presentation titled, Key Resources for Decorative Arts Research which will be included within the session, What Art and Architecture Isn’t: The Decorative Arts.

    Rebecca is the recipient of the Student Award for 2006. She is a student at the School of Library and Information Science at Catholic University and will also earn and M.A. in Art History from Southern Methodist University this May. She is the Manager of Reader Services at the library for the Society of the Cincinnati in Washington, DC.

  9. Award Issues
  10. The chapter discussed factors that may have led to the low number of applicants for the chapter awards. The chapter speculated that some members may receive full funding from their institutions; some may find that the award amount is insufficient; others may not have leave from work to attend the conference; and chapter officers may feel that it is not appropriate to apply. Sally Stokes discussed the need for a survey to address the issue. She also suggested that the announcement for the awards should be sent out on the listserv earlier to give members more time to prepare applications.

  11. Relationship to ARLIS/NA
  12. The Executive board has been discussing chapter affiliations, and is making changes to the structure between ARLIS/NA and the ARLIS chapters. This is to be discussed at the Banff conference, and will be discussed in an upcoming chapter meeting as well. This has to do with an affiliation agreement and insurance policies between ARLIS/NA and the chapters.

  13. Membership
  14. The chapter discussed the need to work with area universities to encourage library and information science students to join ARLIS DC-MD-VA. Sally Stokes mentioned that she teaches a course at Catholic University and would speak to the Dean about mentioning the chapter in her classes.

    The chapter also suggesting partnering with various organizations for programs, such as local museums and institutions, other libraries, and organizations that cover fine and decorative arts. There was some discussion about establishing and/or using existing speaker�s bureaus for additional programming inspiration.

  15. Newsletter/Blog
  16. Rebecca Cooper introduced the new ARLIS DC-MD-VA Blog. She explained that job announcements, meeting announcements, upcoming events, exhibitions, and other matters of professional interest are appropriate postings for the blog. E-mail requests are typically posted to the blog within 24-48 hours.

    Rebecca also invited members to contribute to Sketches, the newsletter of ARLIS DC-MD-VA. She explained that the newsletter provides a venue for deeper content while the blog provides space for brief announcements.

  17. New Cataloging Rules
  18. Emily mentioned on behalf of Ginny Forni, who was not able to attend the meeting, the possibility of getting together a local cataloging discussion group when the new standard to replace AACR2 comes out. This was done successfully many years ago and the new rules may mean that it is time to renew the group.

  19. Future Meetings
  20. Matthew Wiggens will host the ARLIS DC-MD-VA Summer Meeting at the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk, VA. Details will be announced in the near future.

    The Annual Fall Meeting will take place at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD on October 20th.