Spring 2010 Meeting Minutes

Saturday, April 24th, 8:00 a.m.
Seaport Hotel, Boston, MA
38th Annual ARLIS/NA Conference

1. Introductions

2. Annual Report
Yuki Hibben reported that Karen O’Connell, Past-Chair, has completed the annual report and submitted it to ARLIS/NA. The annual report will be available online through the chapter Web site.

3. Treasurer’s Report
Kim Detterbeck briefly recounted the chapter’s financials. The chapter’s year-to-date revenues are $1015.00 and total expenditures equaled $750.  The chapter’s main expenses are an annual donation of $250 to the Welcome Party at the national conference and the Caroline Backlund Award. The chapter’s overall membership fell from 43 members to 35 members and student membership fell sharply. However, it was noted what many 2009 student members became personal members in 2010 (reflecting that they have now entered the workforce).

4. Caroline Backlund Award
Kristina Keogh, the Reference Librarian for the Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University, was introduced as the winner of the Caroline Backlund Award. She will present a poster titled, Images for Everyone: From Finding Images Tutorial to Visual Literacy in the Curriculum. She thanked the chapter for contributing to her professional development by helping her to attend the conference.

5. Communications
Roger Lawson discussed progress on the Listserv migration to TEI and the work being done on a new website utilizing a Content Management System.

Emily Hunter, the new Interim Website Manager, will be meeting with chapter officers later in the morning to discuss the preliminary site design using WordPress. She reported that she attended the workshop, Discovering a New You: Re-Branding Your ARLIS/NA Chapter yesterday, which was useful for learning about chapter identity and visual cohesiveness. She has a meeting with AWS members to discuss TEI hosting issues and will report back to the chapter officers. A timeline for launching the new site is tentative because it is still uncertain if TEI will support CMS such as WordPress.

6. Meeting Plans 2010
Meeting plans are progressing with possible meetings at the Corcoran College of Art and Design in D.C., the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) in Richmond, VA, and at the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts (WCMFA) in Hagerstown, MD. It is still unclear which meeting location would be the best for the joint meeting with the VRA Mid-Atlantic Chapter. The VRA will be meeting during the Southeastern College Art Conference (SECAC) in Richmond, VA this October. Yuki Hibben is checking with the chair of Mid-Atlantic VRA to see if this would also be a convenient time to hold the joint meeting, or if it would be too difficult to schedule during the SECAC conference. Lee Viverette, Reference and Rare Books Librarian at the VMFA expressed enthusiasm about the possibility of a chapter meeting in their newly remodeled museum and library. Mario Ascencio, Director of the Corcoran Library, also expressed excitement about the possibility of a meeting at the Corcoran. The Corcoran and VMFA are the best prospects for this year because our chapter has member contacts in those organizations. The WCMFA also has facilities and tours that can accommodate our chapter and will be considered as an alternative or future venue.

The officers had heard some criticism from several members and former members about making the meetings more substantive in regards to professional development. The criticism was that tours and networking do not offer enough of an incentive for some professionals to attend meetings or continue their membership with the chapter. A discussion followed with some agreement with the criticism, but others expressing their view that tours and networking are very important for professional development. There was also a discussion on the difficulty of getting volunteers for presentations and of finding topics that work within the context of the host location. The members agreed that it would be good to try to include more substantive content in our meetings, but also felt this may not always be possible – that this depended on the location, etc. The members also agreed that since many chapter members cannot attend the ARLIS/NA Annual Conference, it may be good to ask members presenting at the annual conference to repeat their talks to the chapter.

7. Announcements regarding member involvement at the conference
Rebecca Cooper is serving as Chair of the Travel Awards Committee and is also involved with the Professional Development Committee and arLiSNAP. She will be providing demonstrations and instruction at the Web 2.0 Kiosk. She helped to coordinate and also presented at the workshop, Postcards from the Edge III: Landscape Architecture.

Patricia Kosco Cossard and Kimberly Detterbeck are co-speakers for RePlacing the Old in the New, at the session, Revisiting the Past, Embracing the Future.

Yuki Hibben will present Thesis Committees: Integrating Instruction and Research Into Studio Culture at the session,The Engaged Librarian: Knowledge, Outreach, and Integration for Targeted Service.

Kristina Keogh will present a poster, Images for Everyone: From Finding Images Tutorial to Visual Literacy in the Curriculum.

Roger Lawson is continuing as co-chair for the Public Policy Committee and also serves on the Communications and Publications Committee

Kristin Regina announced that the International Relations Committee is organizing a study visit to the United Kingdom this year that will follow the ARLIS/UK and Ireland conference in Edinburgh in July. Kristin was integral to initiating and organizing the ARLIS/NA study tours, with successful trips to the Netherlands in 2008 and Germany in 2009.

Julia Wisniewski spoke about her involvement with the Cataloging Section and announced that the Cataloging Problems Discussion Group will meet tomorrow.

Respectfully submitted

Yuki Hibben