Spring Meeting 2004

April 19, 2004
Roosevelt Hotel, New York, NY
ARLIS/NA Annual Conference

Members in attendance:

Heather Ball
Cathy Billings (Guest)
Ann Burns
Claudia Covert
Kathy Cowan
Phyllis Graham
Liz Harter
Roger Lawson
Gregory Most
Stephanie Moye
Emily Rafferty
Kristen Regina
Jack Robertson
Laura Schwartz (Guest)
Lucie Stylianopoulos
Linda Tompkins-Baldwin
Sharon Wasserman
Matthew Wiggins
Julia Wisniewski
Kathy Woodrell

1. Introductions
Members introduced themselves. We have one new member: Matthew Wiggins of the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk, Virginia. Also in attendance were two visitors, Cathy Billings, who will be interning at the National Gallery of Art over the next year, and Laura Schwartz, who is the South Regional Representative. Sharon Wasserman recognized Secretary/Treasurer Regina Koehler, who was unable to attend, but has been instrumental in planning and organizing the meeting.

Laura Schwartz took a few minutes to talk about issues related to the ARLIS/NA executive board. She reported on the issue discussed at the membership meeting regarding how chapters report finances to the national association. Chapters will be receiving more information about this in the future. She also discussed the chapter’s request that National support a diversity award for travel to the annual conferences. She said it is difficult to force the chapters to do this, but that the board supports our chapter’s leadership role in this area.

2. Awards
The two professional development award recipients were announced. Phyllis Graham, who was in attendance, received the Caroline Backlund Professional Development. Phyllis, who is the librarian at the American School of Classical Studies in Athens, Greece, expressed her appreciation for the award. Trin Intra, who was not in attendance, won the Diversity Award. Trin is a student at the University of Maryland College Park.

Sharon Wasserman thanked the members of the two committees: Sally Stokes, Ann Whiteside, and Emily Rafferty (Backlund Award) and Lucie Stylianopoulos, Emily Rafferty, and Karen O’Connell (Diversity Award). Since most of these committee members have served for at least two years, Sharon asked that other chapter members consider serving on one of these two committees for next year.

We also had a discussion of funding the two awards. Gregg Most suggested that we add a line to the renewal/membership form for the diversity award. It was also suggested that we consider a regional award with the other chapters in the South region.

3. Upcoming Meetings
Kathy Cowan spoke about the upcoming meeting at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in Baltimore, Maryland, on June 18. Kathy distributed flyers announcing the meeting, which will be a digital arts workshop, and will be co-sponsored with the New Art Roundtable. Panelists will include faculty from the Maryland Institute College of Art and the University of Maryland Baltimore County and a media curator from the Corcoran Museum.

Lucie Stylianopoulos spoke about the fall meeting, to be held in Williamsburg, Virginia, the first weekend in October 2004. This will be a joint meeting with the Visual Resources Association local chapter, and the theme will be collection building. Matthew Wiggins has offered to help Lucie with planning for the meeting, including local arrangements.

4. Newsletter update
Two members of the newsletter committee, Kristen Regina and Roger Lawson, were present at the meeting and reported that the first issue of the new newsletter was sent by email to all chapter members. Roger reported that the hope is to make the newsletter a web publication. Also mentioned was the naming contest for the newsletter. All possible names for the newsletter are to be submitted to Sharon Wasserman by May 1st.

5. Website status
Sharon Wasserman reported that Joan Stahl, Louise Green, and Atalanta Grant-Suttie of the University of Maryland have been working on the website, and that they hope to have something up by May. Sharon also called for a member to write a chapter history to add to the website.

6. Special Project Funding
Members were reminded of requests for special funding. We discussed the possibility of requesting funding for the upcoming meeting in June, but Roger Lawson clarified that the funding is actually for the 2005 budget year (Jan 1-Dec 31). Sharon and Lucie will discuss putting in a request for next year.

7. Files for Archives
Regina Koehler has asked that any past chapter officers with chapter files in their homes or offices, please send these to her for the Chapter archives. Please use her home address in the ARLIS/NA directory.

8. Other Business
Claudia Covert mentioned that for those members who are interested in interns, she has had luck working with the library school at Catholic University.

Roger Lawson reported that the Public Policy Committee is looking for a D.C. area rep to serve on the Committee. For more information, contact Roger.

Minutes submitted by Sharon Wasserman, May 13, 2004.