Spring 2011 Meeting Minutes

Saturday March 26, 2011
ARLIS/NA Annual Conference, Minneapolis, MN

This meeting began with a joint-session with VRA-Midatlantic, then split into separate business meetings. There were 28 attendees in the joint meeting, which began with introductions.

An update on the Southeastern College Art Conference (SECAC) was given by Christina Updike of James Madison University. The next meeting will be held in Savannah, Georgia in November with the theme “Text + Texture: an intersection of academics and the arts.” She also drew attention to a program of VRA foundation grants, $1500 given twice annually for projects in digitization.

There was discussion of another joint meeting for summer 2011 between the local ARLIS and VRA chapters. Jacqueline Protka of the Corcoran, Chair of the VRA Midatlantic, extended an invitation to ARLIS/D-M-V to share their meeting at George Mason University, scheduled for July 29th, 2011. Proposed activities include educational sessions with the Center for History and New Media. ARLIS/D-M-V Chair Anne Simmons suggested that a tour of the library may also be arranged. There was a consensus to accept this invitation for a joint meeting.

More discussion ensued, in the spirit of the conference theme “Collaboration: Building Bridgest in the 21st Century”, with ARLIS members asking if VRA-Midatlantic allowed for affiliate members without national membership (they do not). Lucy Stylianopoulos from University of Virginia suggested that more cohesion between the two associations be achieved and the resulting idea was to invite VRA to join ARLIS/NA for the 2014 conference in Washington D.C., making it the third joint conference.

Yuki Hibben of Virginia Commonwealth University volunteered to pursue local VRA and ARLIS chapter members who were interested in less formal meeting and discussions, especially between government or academic professionals.

At this time, the meeting divided for separate local association business meetings.

ARLIS/DC-MD-VA Chapter Business Meeting

1. Approval of the meeting minutes. Minutes from the Fall 2010 meeting, held November 5, were circulated and approved.

2. Report from the Chair. Anne Simmons reported that the local chapter’s invitation to hold the 2014 ARLIS/NA national conference in Washington D.C. was accepted and announced at the Annual Membership Meeting earlier that day. The online ballot was overwhelmingly positive and many names were indicated as likely volunteers.

3. Treasurer’s report. Treasurer Megan Halsband was unable to attend the conference, so there was no Treasurer’s report.

4. Web and Communcation’s report. Emily Hunter, Web Manager, reported on statistics for the chapter’s blog/website. Using Google Analytics, she determined that we have had over 1,000 visits since October 2010. She pointed out that feature content that members have contributed to blog posts have been popular and solicited more like these.

Roger Lawson and Emily Hunter indicated that they were satisfied with headquarter’s offer to host our chapter’s listserv. Pricing is based on a points system and our rate is $128/year. The service will migrate from the University of Maryland, preserving the archive of old posts. It was agreed that this new hosting deal will be accepted.

Meeting was adjourned.