Summer 2009 Meeting Minutes

Friday, July 17, 2009
Georgetown University Library, Washington, D.C.

1. Introductions

2. Approval of the February 4, 2009 Officer’s Meeting Minutes
The minutes were approved.

3. Treasurer’s Report
Kim Detterbeck distributed and discussed the Treasurer’s Report and Membership Report. Student membership is up from 5 to 9 members this year. Affiliate membership is up from 5 to 7 members, and personal membership is down from 39 to 24 members. The award balance is healthy, with $480 donated so far this year.

4. Caroline Backlund Professional Development Travel Award Report
The 2009 recipient of the Caroline Backlund Award, Stephanie Moye, thanked the chapter for the award and for easing the financial burden of attending the ARLIS/NA Annual Conference. Stephanie discussed her activities during the conference, namely her work on the Research Awards Sub-Committee, which oversees the Worldwide Research Awards for Publications and Electronic Resources and the H.W. Wilson Foundation Research Grant.

5. Student Outreach Committee
Kim Detterbeck and Anne Simmons reported that only four members responded to the committee’s call for potential mentors. The Chapter discussed the fact that some institutions have restrictions that make it difficult for their employees to serve as mentors.

Kim and Anne reported that the student brochure is ready for printing but is on hold while the chapter decides whether to use TEI to host communications. If TEI hosts our Web site, we may have a new url to include in the brochure.

6. Chair Report
Karen O’Connell suggested that a task force be formed to address the mentorship program. The chapter agreed that a task force would be helpful in shaping and implementing the initial program. A call for volunteers to serve on the task force will be sent over the listserv and brought up at the next Chapter meeting.

Karen announced that the Annual Joint Meeting with the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Visual Resources Association will be held in late October or early November at Mount Vernon. An additional tour or Chapter get-together may be scheduled for December.

The chapter briefly discussed the state of the chapter archives. Should we print-out or back-up digital records? It was decided that important documents should be printed-out and kept in our physical archives for the time being. Currently, Kim Detterbeck in her role as Secretary/Treasurer has custody of the archives. Kathy Woodrell mentioned that she may have old newsletters to contribute to the archives.

7. Chapter Communications
The chapter discussed chapter communications in regards to TEI. Unfortunately, Roger Lawson could not attend this meeting to report on the activities of the ARLIS/NA Communications & Publications Committee. Karen O’Connell gave an overview of TEI’s services. Members were generally positive about TEI but would like to clarify questions regarding TEI’s hosting capabilities before making a decision. Rebecca Cooper asked whether TEI interactive technologies such as blogs and chats. Also, members would like to know more about the fee structure for TEI’s virtual conference capabilities.  Shalimar Fojas White noted that it would be very convenient to use the TEI service because chapter dues could be collected with the ARLIS/NA dues. However, TEI would not be able to collect affiliate dues or travel award donations. These would have to be handled by the chapter. The officers are waiting to learn more about TEI and will report any new findings at the next meeting.

8. New Business and Announcements
Kathy Woodrell voiced her concern about the revised process that ARLIS/NA is using to select papers and workshops for the 2010 Annual Conference. Kathy has planned and moderated sessions on Decorative Arts for a number of years but could not propose a session this year because of the new process. This process requires written proposals for individual papers, which are selected and organized into sessions by the Conference Planning Committee. A moderator is chosen after the papers are organized. In the past, Kathy invited local and regional experts, scholars, and curators to speak at the sessions she proposed as moderator. Kathy and other members agreed that it is unreasonable to ask these types of speakers to submit a written proposal, especially if there are questions about acceptance and the organization of papers into sessions. It was noted that the new process was implemented to encourage participation from newer members. A brief discussion followed on the pros and cons of the revised process.

An announcement was made that the Kristin Regina’s book, Visual Resources from Russia and Eastern Europe in the New York Public Library: A Checklist, co-authored by Hee-Gwone Yoo of the New York Public Library, won the 2008 Worldwide Books Award for Publications. The chapter extended their congratulations to Kristin.

Respectfully submitted

Yuki Hibben