Spring into Action Auction Item Preview

Check out some of the great items that will be available in the Spring into Action Auction, held online from March 1-15!

Small handmade stamp of crab on top of a white piece of paper stamped with the crab in blue, orange, black, and green ink. Part of the wood handle and metal tip of a carving tool is seen in the bottom middle.

Hand-carved stamp based on your own design

Vibrant "colonial" blue hobnail shoe with Fenton sticker on the inside, sitting on a white linen tablecloth stamped with a yellow flower and blue flower motif.

Cobalt blue Fenton glass slipper

Hundreds of medium brown coffee beans fill the image, with a glimpse of a stainless steel scoop in the bottom left corner.

Fresh locally roasted coffee beans

The auction is made up of whatever we want to buy/sell/share! You can donate a service (bread baking classes), something you’ve made (hand-sewn notebooks), or something you’ve purchased (restaurant gift card, local artist’s teapot). Just remember that your donation includes shipping or a hand-off at the conference or a drive-by meet-up. You can donate items to the auction using this form–it’s very easy! For step-by-step instructions, see our Auction Donation How-To guide. Proceeds go toward the chapter’s fundraising campaign, which includes annual support for the Caroline Backlund Award fund for student conference attendance  ($1,000) and the ARLIS/NA Annual Conference contribution ($750).

Keep an eye on new auction listings, and please encourage your colleagues and friends and family to contribute and help make this auction a great success!

Duchamp Research Portal Launched

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is pleased to announce that the Duchamp Research Portal (https://www.duchamparchives.org/) is now live! It provides free access to more than 18,000 documents and artworks, comprising nearly 50,000 digitized images related to the work and life of Marcel Duchamp.  
The cross-cultural and multilingual portal is the outcome of a seven-year partnership between the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Association Marcel Duchamp, and the Centre Pompidou. Among the wealth of resources available in the portal are the vast Alexina and Marcel Duchamp Papers and Arensberg Archives at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the archival collections of the Association Marcel Duchamp, the André Breton and Constantin Brancusi collections at the Centre Pompidou, and holdings relating to major Duchamp retrospective exhibitions held in Philadelphia in 1973 and at the Centre Pompidou in 1977. The archive also contains materials linked to the development and installation of the artist’s final major work, Étant donnés 1° la chute d’eau, 2° le gaz d’éclairage (Given: 1. The Waterfall, 2. The Illuminating Gas) (1946–66). 

 This pioneering cross-institutional initiative—employing linked data and deep zoom IIIF images—is the premier resource for anyone interested in studying one of the twentieth century’s greatest and most enigmatic artists For more information or questions, contact archives@philamuseum.org